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treat rzeczownik

rzeczownik + treat
Kolokacji: 9
birthday treat • holiday treat • Christmas treat • gourmet treat • breakfast treat • ...
przymiotnik + treat
Kolokacji: 27
sweet treat • favorite treat • special treat • real treat • Oral treat • rare treat • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 6
1. sweet treat = słodka przyjemność sweet treat
  • This is one time to permit a sweet treat.
  • In just 30 minutes, you can whip up this light but sweet treat.
  • There the definition was a "sweet treat or dessert," no derivation.
  • A sweet or fatty treat is fine now and then, even every day if amounts are reasonable.
  • It was the lightest, sweetest treat he had ever tasted.
  • You are now all set for that sweet treat we've been promising you.
  • Fruit is an easier sell to kids, but can sometimes get left in favour of a sweeter treat.
  • If you are of age, the remaining champagne is a sweet treat!
  • I could imagine, years ago, transforming extra noodles into just such a sweet treat.
  • It is also the perfect cool, sweet treat for a very hot summer.
2. favorite treat = przyjemność ulubieńca favorite treat
3. special treat = specjalna gratka special treat
4. real treat = nie lada gratka real treat
5. Oral treat = Ustna przyjemność Oral treat
6. rare treat = rzadka przyjemność rare treat

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