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"ton" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

ton rzeczownik

rzeczownik + ton
Kolokacji: 28
ton of coal • ton of cargo • ton of steel • ton of waste • ton of food • ton of money • ...
ton + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 7
ton truck • ton vessel • ton ship • ton capacity • ton soup • ...
ton + czasownik
Kolokacji: 5
ton goes • ton produces • ton comes • ton falls • ton seizes
1. ton goes = tona idzie ton goes
2. ton produces = tona produkuje ton produces
3. ton comes = tona przychodzi ton comes
4. ton falls = tona spada ton falls
  • It seemed to her husband that a ton of chains fell from his limbs.
  • Astronomers estimate that about 40,000 tons of dust from comets and asteroids fall into the atmosphere every year.
  • Despite their action with the wheel thousands more tons of ocean fell on to Titron.
  • In the end, only 30 tons of explosive would fall per mile of British front.
  • If she steps in there a hundred tons of concrete might fall on her head.
  • I feel like a ton of rock just fell on me!
  • When the towers came crashing down, tons of debris fell on the building, which had already been evacuated.
  • During the night raid, 1,000 tons of bombs fell and fires were visible for 100 miles.
  • It is estimated that 80 tons of bombs fell on this area alone, affecting 21,700 houses, destroying 2,233 and making a further 893 uninhabitable.
  • A ton of water had fallen onto him, but five seconds earlier and it might have been ten tons.
5. ton seizes = tona chwyta ton seizes
czasownik + ton
Kolokacji: 66
produce several tons • carry several tons • use several tons • drop several tons • deliver several tons • ...
przymiotnik + ton
Kolokacji: 8
metric ton • short ton • additional ton • gross ton • long ton • ...
przyimek + ton
Kolokacji: 17
per ton • about several tons • from several tons • over several tons • at several tons • ...

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