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teenage przymiotnik

teenage + rzeczownik
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teenage girl • teenage boy • teenage year • teenage daughter • teenage son • teenage pregnancy • teenage child • ...
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  • For six years, from 1992 to 1998, she opened her home to a total of 23 teenage girls who needed a family.
  • Down a long line of young women and teenage girls.
  • And teenage girls haven't learned to use their power for good.
  • She was just a teenage girl from the 20th Century.
  • On the way they passed a woman and two teenage girls.
  • A group of teenage girls spend the night in an old house.
  • "Did you ever go out in the car with your husband and pick up a teenage girl?"
  • That show was about a teenage girl in love with her teacher.
  • I'm not her mother, and I remember what it was to be a teenage girl.
  • Most of the 188 workers who died were described as teenage girls.
3. teenage year = nastoletni rok teenage year
5. teenage son = nastoletni syn teenage son
7. teenage child = nastoletnie dziecko teenage child
8. Teenage Ninja Turtle = Nastoletni Ninja Żółw Teenage Ninja Turtle
9. Teenage Witch = Nastoletnia Czarownica Teenage Witch
10. teenage mother = nastoletnia matka teenage mother
11. Teenage Dream = Młodzieżowy Sen Teenage Dream
12. Teenage Ninja = Nastoletni Ninja Teenage Ninja
13. teenage life = nastoletnie życie teenage life
14. teenage audience = nastoletnia publiczność teenage audience

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