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sunny przymiotnik

sunny + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 82
sunny day • sunny afternoon • sunny morning • sunny side • sunny sky • sunny weather • sunny room • sunny disposition • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 13
1. sunny day = słoneczny dzień sunny day
2. sunny afternoon = słoneczne popołudnie sunny afternoon
3. sunny morning = słoneczny poranek sunny morning
  • He was asked for an analysis of his three interviews on a clear and sunny morning.
  • Usually, on such a sunny morning, they would have been everywhere.
  • Next day his plane left on schedule, in a sunny morning.
  • The scene cuts to the following day to a sunny morning.
  • It had been a fine sunny morning up until then.
  • She arrived on a sunny, cool morning, and all went well for the first few hours.
  • It was a mild sunny morning in the first week of June.
  • But in the bright and sunny morning she felt the same.
  • The adventure began for me upon a sunny morning in early June of 1897.
  • It was a bright, sunny morning when we set off.
4. sunny side = słoneczna strona sunny side
5. sunny sky = nasłonecznione niebo sunny sky
6. sunny weather = słoneczna pogoda sunny weather
7. sunny room = słoneczny pokój sunny room
8. sunny disposition = pogodne usposobienie sunny disposition
9. sunny spot = nasłonecznione miejsce sunny spot
10. sunny climate = słoneczny klimat sunny climate
11. sunny location = nasłoneczniona lokalizacja sunny location
12. sunny place = nasłonecznione miejsce sunny place
13. sunny smile = słoneczny uśmiech sunny smile
przysłówek + sunny
Kolokacji: 3
partly sunny • gloriously sunny • brilliantly sunny

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