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stunning przymiotnik

stunning + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 147
stunning view • stunning victory • stunning official • stunning performance • stunning success • ...
przysłówek + stunning
Kolokacji: 9
most stunning • visually stunning • absolutely stunning • truly stunning • simply stunning • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 3
1. most stunning = najwięcej ogłuszania most stunning
  • It's on the inside that the styling is most stunning.
  • One of those was the most stunning young woman Rune had ever seen.
  • That was the most stunning thing I've ever seen.
  • Such stresses produced the single most stunning day of player cuts ever.
  • "You will be, as always, the most stunning woman in the room."
  • The album's most stunning moment is its title song, which will soon be released as single.
  • The result was one of the most stunning in the event's 60-year history.
  • It was the single most stunning thing that had ever happened.
  • It was the most stunning moment of the sports year.
  • Their scene is the production's most stunning and rewarding section.
2. visually stunning = wizualnie olśniewający visually stunning
3. absolutely stunning = całkowicie olśniewający absolutely stunning

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