"strip" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

strip czasownik

strip + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 16
strip off one's clothes • strip off one's shirt • strip off one's gloves • strip off one's clothing • strip off one's jacket • ...
czasownik + strip
Kolokacji: 4
begin stripping • start stripping • finish stripping • involve stripping
strip + przyimek
Kolokacji: 22
strip off • strip down • strip out • strip from • stripped of • ...
strip + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 24
stripped away • strip naked • strip bare • completely stripped • later stripped • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 3
(2) naked, bare, nude
Kolokacji: 3
(3) quickly, slowly
Kolokacji: 2
(4) systematically, methodically
Kolokacji: 2
(5) gradually, suddenly
Kolokacji: 2
(6) carefully, deliberately
Kolokacji: 2
1. carefully stripped = ostrożnie zdjąć carefully stripped
  • He'd been stripped and searched carefully before they put him in this cell.
  • Their clothing had been carefully stripped of all identifying tags.
  • They were carefully stripped of powers (for example, over housing and education) and cash.
  • Ishihara had carefully stripped the insulation from a couple of wires.
  • Each tree he had cut down had been carefully stripped and planed to be used for that dwelling, so that nature's bounty wasn't squandered.
  • The exterior green bark being pulled off as worthless, there remains a slender fibrous substance, which is carefully stripped from the stick, to which it closely adheres.
  • The floor was a blond, bare wood that had been carefully stripped and sealed and reminded me of houses in Scandinavia.
  • The pterygium is stripped carefully off the surface of the eye.
  • Those who had left it had carefully stripped it of personal possessions, but they'd left weapons behind, ready to be manned and used.
  • On the day before testing the thawed specimens were stripped carefully all the soft tissues leaving the ligaments and joint capsules intact.
2. deliberately stripped = rozmyślnie zdjąć deliberately stripped
(7) officially, summarily
Kolokacji: 2
(8) temporarily, permanently
Kolokacji: 2

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