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"spiritual" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

spiritual przymiotnik

spiritual + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 373
spiritual leader • spiritual life • spiritual need • spiritual power • spiritual journey • spiritual practice • spiritual experience • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 62
  • The film is about the spiritual life after death and our home in another world.
  • "Being part of society is not against your spiritual life," he said.
  • Maybe they could be used to build up the spiritual life.
  • Teachers in these areas make a significant impact on the social, cultural a spiritual life of the school.
  • He said that in recent years people generally, but particularly the young, had become more concerned with spiritual life.
  • "He lived a spiritual life and always tried to find the bright side of a situation."
  • I couldn't yet see how a concern of that sort should have anything to do with one's spiritual life.
  • But God, he believed, wanted him to choose the spiritual life.
  • He added: "The church can also help them in their spiritual life."
  • At the end of a year it's good to look back and to feel that you have made some progress in your spiritual life.
4. spiritual power = moc duchowa spiritual power
7. spiritual experience = przeżycie duchowe, doznanie duchowe spiritual experience
9. spiritual value = duchowa wartość spiritual value
11. spiritual center = duchowe centrum spiritual center
12. spiritual home = duchowy dom spiritual home
13. spiritual world = duchowy świat spiritual world
15. spiritual matter = duchowa sprawa spiritual matter
16. spiritual guidance = duchowe wskazówki spiritual guidance
17. spiritual successor = duchowy następca spiritual successor
18. spiritual director = przewodnik duchowy spiritual director
19. spiritual tradition = duchowa tradycja spiritual tradition
22. spiritual belief = duchowa wiara spiritual belief
23. spiritual music = duchowa muzyka spiritual music
24. spiritual teacher = duchowy nauczyciel spiritual teacher
25. spiritual adviser = przewodnik duchowy spiritual adviser
26. spiritual leadership = duchowe przywództwo spiritual leadership
29. spiritual quest = duchowe poszukiwanie spiritual quest
30. spiritual energy = duchowa energia spiritual energy
31. spiritual aspect = duchowy aspekt spiritual aspect
33. spiritual father = ojciec duchowny spiritual father
35. spiritual force = duchowa siła spiritual force
36. spiritual being = duchowy będąc spiritual being
39. spiritual side = duchowa strona spiritual side
41. spiritual healing = duchowe leczenie spiritual healing
42. spiritual head = duchowa głowa spiritual head
43. spiritual crisis = kryzys wartości spiritual crisis
44. spiritual nature = duchowa natura spiritual nature
45. spiritual retreat = duchowe wycofanie się spiritual retreat
46. spiritual discipline = duchowa dyscyplina spiritual discipline
47. spiritual connection = duchowe połączenie spiritual connection
48. spiritual realm = duchowe królestwo spiritual realm
49. spiritual meaning = duchowe znaczenie spiritual meaning
50. spiritual quality = duchowa jakość spiritual quality
51. spiritual direction = kierownictwo duchowe (praktyka chrześcijańska) spiritual direction
52. spiritual advisor = doradca duchowy spiritual advisor
53. spiritual mentor = duchowy mentor spiritual mentor
55. spiritual sense = duchowy sens spiritual sense
56. spiritual renewal = duchowe odnowienie spiritual renewal
59. spiritual thing = duchowa rzecz spiritual thing
61. spiritual truth = duchowa prawda spiritual truth
62. spiritual support = duchowe wsparcie spiritual support
przysłówek + spiritual
Kolokacji: 5
deeply spiritual • purely spiritual • profoundly spiritual • intensely spiritual • highly spiritual

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