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snack rzeczownik

rzeczownik + snack
Kolokacji: 12
midnight snack • bar snack • afternoon snack • fruit snack • evening snack • ...
snack + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 22
snack bar • snack food • snack shop • snack time • snack cake • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 2
1. snack bar = bar przekąskowy snack bar
  • A man and a woman would meet in class, at a snack bar or on the green.
  • He also became involved in running a snack bar at the the city's hospital for the poor.
  • I'll be covering the area between the snack bar and the car.
  • "Or go get a cup of coffee in the snack bar?"
  • A snack bar on the lower level sells food to go.
  • People are here all day long, and they'll take four or five breaks to go to the rest room, the snack bar.
  • All A380s have 32 seats, and a walk up snack bar.
  • He looked both ways, and ran to the left, away from the gates, around the snack bar.
  • Services at the course include a large putting green, snack bar, and golf school.
  • In a corner of the lunch room was a snack bar.
2. snack food = przekąska snack food
snack + czasownik
Kolokacji: 3
snack includes • snack consists • snack contains
czasownik + snack
Kolokacji: 14
serve snacks • eat snacks • sell snacks • offer snacks • include snacks • ...
przymiotnik + snack
Kolokacji: 42
healthy snack • light snack • quick snack • popular snack • tasty snack • ...
przyimek + snack
Kolokacji: 9
with snacks • of snacks • for a snack • to snacks • on snacks • ...

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