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"show" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

show rzeczownik

rzeczownik + show
Kolokacji: 372
television show • TV show • radio show • talk show • reality show • fashion show • game show • Broadway show • variety show • ...
show + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 47
show business • show trial • show time • show host • Show Boat • talk show host • book show Phil • show tune • show biz • ...
show + czasownik
Kolokacji: 213
show features • show airs • show premiers • show stars • show opens • show ends • show starts • show includes • show consists • ...
czasownik + show
Kolokacji: 148
show titled • show called • show entitled • play shows • show is directed • include shows • perform shows • perform at shows • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 71
1. show titled = widowisko zatytułowało show titled
  • - and a first draft of the show titled Hair were complete.
  • One show in its midst, titled 'Quinceañeras' is certainly worthy of mention.
  • The song was chosen through a seven week televised show titled Musicolor.
  • She was to appear in a show titled Sister!
  • She was to appear in a reprise of the show titled Sister!
  • The same is true of the show titled "Matter," which joins items from the museum's design collection with contemporary art.
  • Some of his bits were put onto an album released by the show, titled Chris's Head.
  • So you wouldn't think a show titled "Anatomy of September 11th" would stand out from the crowd.
  • Not for nothing is the show titled "Combat on Paper."
  • And it does so with a very beautiful show titled "Facing the Mask," which happens to be all about moving.
2. show called = widowisko zadzwoniło show called
3. show entitled = widowisko zatytułowało show entitled
8. perform at shows = wykonaj na widowiskach perform at shows
9. show is shown = widowisko jest pokazane show is shown
11. steal the show = ściągnąć na siebie całą uwagę, przyćmić resztę obsady steal the show
12. show is filmed = widowisko jest sfilmowane show is filmed
13. show is taped = widowisko jest nagrane show is taped
15. show is aired = widowisko jest nadane show is aired
16. show is staged = widowisko jest dane show is staged
17. show is replaced = widowisko jest zastąpione show is replaced
22. sell out shows = sprzedawać się pokazuje sell out shows
26. enjoy the show = dobrze się baw na widowisku enjoy the show
29. show is based = widowisko jest oparte show is based
30. attend the show = bądź obecnym na widowisku attend the show
31. show is recorded = widowisko jest zrelacjonowane show is recorded
32. close the show = blisko widowisko close the show
36. show is set = widowisko jest ustalone show is set
37. leave the show = zostaw widowisko leave the show
38. promote the show = zorganizuj widowisko promote the show
39. unveil at the Geneva Show = odsłaniać przy Genewie Widowisko unveil at the Geneva Show
40. introduce at the Geneva Show = przedstawiać przy Genewie Widowisko introduce at the Geneva Show
42. show is written = widowisko jest napisane show is written
43. join the show = dołącz do widowiska join the show
45. develop a show = rozwiń widowisko develop a show
47. show is known = widowisko jest znane show is known
48. know for one's shows = wiedzieć dla czyjś widowiska know for one's shows
49. get a show = dostań widowisko get a show
50. describe the show = opisz widowisko describe the show
55. go on show = pójdź o widowisku go on show
56. put the show = połóż widowisko put the show
57. excite for one's New Show = ekscytować dla czyjś Nowe Widowisko excite for one's New Show
58. show is revived = widowisko jest przywrócone przytomność show is revived
60. show is released = widowisko jest zwolnione show is released
61. make for a show = skieruj się ku widowisku make for a show
62. make at the show = rzuć się na widowisko make at the show
63. show dedicated = widowisko poświęciło show dedicated
64. tour shows = wycieczka pokazuje tour shows
65. show is renewed = widowisko jest odnowione show is renewed
66. make in the show = zrób w widowisku make in the show
67. mount a show = urządź widowisko mount a show
68. exhibit at shows = dowód rzeczowy na widowiskach exhibit at shows
69. show at the Tokyo Show = widowisko w Tokio Widowisko show at the Tokyo Show
70. book shows = książka jest widoczna book shows
71. perform during the show = wykonaj podczas widowiska perform during the show
przymiotnik + show
Kolokacji: 290
live show • Late Show • one-man show • early show • one-woman show • daily show • light show • favorite show • sold-out show • ...
przyimek + show
Kolokacji: 29
including shows • over several shows • between shows • before the show • throughout the show • ...

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