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shotgun rzeczownik

rzeczownik + shotgun
Kolokacji: 8
pump shotgun • Remington shotgun • gauge shotgun • Mossberg shotgun • riot shotgun • ...
shotgun + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 24
shotgun blast • shotgun shell • shotgun formation • shotgun wedding • shotgun pellet • ...
shotgun + czasownik
Kolokacji: 10
shotgun fires • shotgun roars • shotgun points • shotgun discharges • shotgun lays • ...
czasownik + shotgun
Kolokacji: 7
ride shotgun • arm with shotguns • carry a shotgun • use a shotgun • shotgun loaded • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 1
1. ride shotgun = jechać obok kierowcy ride shotgun
  • He had to ride shotgun again while you-know-who got to drive.
  • He was sitting up front with the driver, literally riding shotgun.
  • Occasionally they would have to go out and hire someone to ride shotgun.
  • When his money ran low he could always take a job riding shotgun on the stage through Indian country.
  • In the rest of the country, dogs can be seen riding shotgun and walking the streets.
  • Otherwise, the need to ride shotgun will never go away.
  • "So you've been assigned to ride shotgun on us then?"
  • The guard riding shotgun on the outside was talking to the men inside the truck.
  • These men literally rode shotgun for any official who went out on government or private business.
  • Think I didn't guess why you sent me down to ride shotgun?
przymiotnik + shotgun
Kolokacji: 17
sawed-off shotgun • double-barreled shotgun • pump-action shotgun • loaded shotgun • sawn-off shotgun • ...
przyimek + shotgun
Kolokacji: 4
with a shotgun • of a shotgun • to shotguns • including shotguns

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