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share rzeczownik

rzeczownik + share
Kolokacji: 105
market share • audience share • fund share • percent share • majority share • technology share • share of stock • share of revenue • ...
share + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 40
share price • share earnings • share capital • share information • share value • ...
share + czasownik
Kolokacji: 80
Share earns • share falls • share rises • share closes • share trades • share changing • share jumps • share drops • share declines • ...
czasownik + share
Kolokacji: 114
sell shares • buy shares • own shares • purchase shares • issue shares • hold shares • get one's share • take one's share • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 45
10. pay one's share = płacić swój udział pay one's share
13. see one's share = widzieć czyjś część see one's share
14. claim one's share = twierdzić czyjś część claim one's share
16. send one's shares = wysyłać czyjś części send one's shares
19. share is traded = część jest wymieniona share is traded
21. contribute one's share = przyczyniać się czyjś część contribute one's share
22. use one's share = używać czyjś część use one's share
24. reduce one's share = redukować czyjś część reduce one's share
25. make one's share = robić czyjś część make one's share
29. keep one's share = trzymać czyjś część keep one's share
30. buy out one's share = wykupywać udziały czyjś część buy out one's share
31. account for a share = wzgląd dla akcji account for a share
32. share valued = część wyceniła share valued
33. give a share = przydzielić, przyznawać (np. pieniądze, zasoby, obowiązki) give a share
  • I've given and received my own share over the years.
  • "But you can give me your share when we get together."
  • The head of the family gives a particular share to his wife.
  • They should also be given a fair share of jobs at all levels in the new security forces.
  • We ate and gave her share to the old woman.
  • Whenever possible, he gave the law its share of action.
  • He asked me if I would marry the girl myself and give him a share.
  • Owned a piece of it, actually, although I never had a chance to give him his share.
  • And besides it gave him a share in the business.
  • And why should we give you such a large share of the treasure?
35. vote one's shares = głos czyjś części vote one's shares
36. share is exchanged = część jest wymieniona share is exchanged
37. total several shares = całkowity kilka części total several shares
38. borrow shares = pożycz akcje borrow shares
39. attract one's share = przyciągać czyjś część attract one's share
40. exchange for shares = wymiana za akcje exchange for shares
41. receive for each share = otrzymaj za każdą akcję receive for each share
42. rise to several shares = wzrost do kilku części rise to several shares
43. carry one's share = nieść czyjś część carry one's share
44. accept one's share = akceptować czyjś część accept one's share
45. allocate shares = przydziel akcje allocate shares
przymiotnik + share
Kolokacji: 97
fair share • large share • common share • outstanding share • equal share • disproportionate share • additional share • significant share • ...
przyimek + share
Kolokacji: 18
per share • with several shares • to several shares • from several shares • about several shares • ...

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