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"settlement" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

settlement rzeczownik

rzeczownik + settlement
Kolokacji: 61
peace settlement • divorce settlement • Straits Settlement • tobacco settlement • settlement of disputes • cash settlement • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 14
1. peace settlement = zawarcie pokoju peace settlement
2. divorce settlement = ugoda rozwodowa (ugoda finansowa) divorce settlement
3. Straits Settlement = Cieśniny Porozumienie Straits Settlement
4. tobacco settlement = porozumienie w sprawie rynku tytoniowego tobacco settlement
6. cash settlement = rozliczenie gotówkowe cash settlement
7. work settlement = ośrodek pomocy społecznej roboczy work settlement
8. West Bank settlement = Porozumienie zachodni brzeg Jordanu West Bank settlement
9. court settlement = ugoda sądowa court settlement
10. injury settlement = porozumienie urazu injury settlement
11. frontier settlement = osada na pograniczu frontier settlement
12. Phone hacking settlement = Porozumienie telefonu jazdy konnej Phone hacking settlement
13. land settlement = porozumienie lądowe land settlement
  • Dissatisfaction with the proposed $39,500,000 land settlement was the key element of this opposition.
  • As a result of land settlement, by 1975 there were 16 other tribes and ethnic groups in the area.
  • In 1887, the State Government carried out the first land settlement.
  • These Reserves were intended to be the answer to what the immigrant settlers needed for land settlement.
  • Writing on land settlement is much preoccupied with men; women rarely feature although they make up half the population.
  • He could not be very important to her now, he had served his purpose, what mattered was the land settlement.
  • As always, when the significance of the natural resource is misunderstood, any land settlement must end in disaster.
  • Negotiations leading to the land settlements have dragged on for more than a decade.
  • "It will die out without Federal recognition and a land settlement."
  • The farmers wanted to know if the candidates would oppose increased spending on education, public health, land settlement and housing.
14. contract settlement = porozumienie kontraktowe contract settlement
settlement + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 48
settlement agreement • settlement talk • settlement house • settlement pattern • settlement activity • settlement area • ...
settlement + czasownik
Kolokacji: 87
settlement includes • settlement begins • settlement grows • settlement comes • settlement exists • ...
czasownik + settlement
Kolokacji: 79
settlement called • settlement is known • settlement is named • include settlements • negotiate a settlement • attack settlements • ...
przymiotnik + settlement
Kolokacji: 242
European settlement • Jewish settlement • permanent settlement • human settlement • Israeli settlement • out-of-court settlement • ...
przyimek + settlement
Kolokacji: 28
between settlements • before settlement • toward a settlement • under the settlement • near the settlement • ...

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