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"season" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

season rzeczownik

rzeczownik + season
Kolokacji: 218
football season • holiday season • ski season • rookie season • NFL season • Christmas season • NHL season • basketball season • ...
season + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 72
season finale • season opener • season premiere • season ticket • season series • season record • season game • season episode • ...
season + czasownik
Kolokacji: 132
season ends • season ranks • season progresses • season opens • season begins • season starts • season features • season lasts • ...
czasownik + season
Kolokacji: 350
play for several seasons • score in the season • finish in the season • sign for the season • run for several seasons • appear in the season • ...
przymiotnik + season
Kolokacji: 265
regular season • previous season • final season • consecutive season • entire season • rainy season • inaugural season • senior season • ...
przyimek + season
Kolokacji: 42
per season • off season • following the season • since the season • until the season • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 30
1. per season = na porę roku per season
2. off season = będący poza sezonem (np. wakacyjnym) off season
6. that season = ta pora roku that season
8. next season = następna pora roku next season
9. between seasons = między porami roku between seasons
  • There was a small change in level of activity between seasons with an increase during the dry season.
  • There's usually not a significant difference in price between seasons, as this is a popular route year-round.
  • Between seasons there is a 30ft variation in the river level.
  • Between this season finale and last seasons the show lost 2.494 million viewers.
  • The book is divided between seasons, and the point of view from each girl.
  • Thus, the winter break is significantly longer than the interval between seasons.
  • Pro football, like all sports, has always been about making adjustments, both in games and between seasons.
  • The great thing is to prevent the moth getting into it, between seasons.
  • In the case of plant pathogens, it is also their ability to survive between growing seasons.
  • During the break between seasons he was able to make an excellent recovery, returning for the first race in 1996.
10. out the season = na zewnątrz pora roku out the season
11. within several seasons = w ciągu kilku pór roku within several seasons

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