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sacred przymiotnik

sacred + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 225
Sacred Heart • sacred place • sacred music • sacred text • sacred site • sacred cow • sacred ground • sacred object • sacred grove • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 38
1. Sacred Heart = Najświętsze Serce Jezusa Sacred Heart
4. sacred text = święty tekst sacred text
5. sacred site = uroczysko (miejsce odprawiania rytuałów ora kultu bóstwa) sacred site
6. sacred cow = święta krowa (np. zwyczaj, którego nie wolno krytykować) sacred cow
7. sacred ground = święta ziemia sacred ground
8. sacred object = święty przedmiot sacred object
10. sacred space = święta przestrzeń sacred space
12. sacred book = święta książka sacred book
  • And he didn't think for a moment of bringing the sacred book to his wife.
  • It tells the story of a young man who gets a sacred book.
  • Again, the charges take the form of an oath on a sacred book.
  • You were forced by the curator and the soldiers to give up the sacred books.
  • Most religions have sacred books that tell about their religion.
  • Their "teachings" were kept in a series of sacred books.
  • He opened the sacred book and placed his finger on one of its pages.
  • The titles of the sacred books were written in red ink.
  • "A knowledge of the sacred books would do you no end of good."
  • The sacred books are only such a set of idle tales as any age could have and indeed did actually produce.
14. sacred duty = święty obowiązek sacred duty
15. sacred relic = święty relikt sacred relic
16. Sacred Heart Church = Najświętsze Serce Jezusa Kościół Sacred Heart Church
17. Sacred Congregation = Święci Parafianie Sacred Congregation
18. sacred tree = święte drzewo sacred tree
19. Sacred Treasure = Nienaruszalny Skarb Sacred Treasure
20. sacred works = święty pracuje sacred works
21. sacred art = sztuka sakralna sacred art
23. Sacred Heart School = Najświętsze Serce Jezusa Szkoła Sacred Heart School
24. sacred trust = nienaruszalne zaufanie sacred trust
25. sacred song = święta piosenka sacred song
26. sacred fire = święty ogień sacred fire
27. sacred thing = święta rzecz sacred thing
28. sacred rite = święty obrzęd sacred rite
29. sacred shrine = święte sanktuarium sacred shrine
31. sacred land = święta ziemia sacred land
32. sacred animal = święte zwierzę sacred animal
33. sacred image = święty obraz sacred image
34. sacred stone = święty kamień sacred stone
35. sacred precinct = święty pasaż handlowy sacred precinct
36. sacred word = święte słowo sacred word
37. sacred ritual = święty rytuał sacred ritual
38. sacred ceremony = święta ceremonia sacred ceremony
sacred + przyimek
Kolokacji: 4
sacred to • sacred in • sacred of • sacred for

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