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reporter rzeczownik

rzeczownik + reporter
Kolokacji: 70
newspaper reporter • Hollywood Reporter • television reporter • news reporter • sports reporter • court reporter • Times reporter • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 21
  • And then, for the second or third time already this morning, the Times reporter couldn't believe what she was seeing.
  • I need the Times reporter to tell me about this or that great special place in part because it takes some effort to be there.
  • I paused, wondering if the Times reporter was just playing up to me.
  • The eavesdropping information "first became known to Times reporters" a year ago, he said.
  • In 2009, a Times reporter was disciplined after attempting to access someone else's computer.
  • She asked if I thought it would be all right to talk to the Times reporter.
  • The video's owners played the clip over the telephone for a Times reporter.
  • A soap, she told a Times reporter, "is for people with a very low level of culture.
  • Yet you and other Times reporters seem to be able to do it time after time.
  • The candidates sat next to one another, across the table from a panel of Times reporters and editors.
8. New York Times reporter = New York Times reporter New York Times reporter
10. radio reporter = reporter radiowy radio reporter
11. assignment reporter = reporter zadania assignment reporter
12. sideline reporter = reporter linii bocznej sideline reporter
13. crime reporter = reporter kryminalny crime reporter
14. freelance reporter = reporter wolnego strzelec freelance reporter
16. cub reporter = początkujący reporter cub reporter
17. police reporter = reporter policyjny police reporter
18. traffic reporter = reporter drogowy traffic reporter
19. staff reporter = reporter personelu staff reporter
20. BBC reporter = Reporter BBC BBC reporter
21. pool reporter = reporter basenu kąpielowego pool reporter
reporter + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 3
reporter gene • Reporters Committee • reporters photographer
reporter + czasownik
Kolokacji: 140
reporter asks • reporter writes • reporter covering • reporter says • reporter calls • Times reporter hacks • reporter finds • reporter tells • ...
czasownik + reporter
Kolokacji: 62
tell reporters • join as a reporter • ask reporters • say with reporters • call reporters • send reporters • speak to reporters • ...
przymiotnik + reporter
Kolokacji: 77
investigative reporter • local reporter • foreign reporter • political reporter • young reporter • American reporter • Western reporter • ...
przyimek + reporter
Kolokacji: 14
to reporters • with reporters • by reporters • from reporters • of reporters • ...

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