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repeatedly przysłówek

czasownik + repeatedly
Kolokacji: 336
repeatedly ask • repeatedly denied • repeatedly try • repeatedly called • repeatedly told • repeatedly stated • repeatedly warned • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 65
8. repeatedly fail = ciągle doznaj niepowodzenia repeatedly fail
14. repeatedly said = ciągle powiedzieć repeatedly said
31. repeatedly hit = ciągle uderz repeatedly hit
34. stabbed repeatedly = pchnięty nożem ciągle stabbed repeatedly
43. repeatedly argued = ciągle posprzeczać się repeatedly argued
  • He is later forced to repeatedly lie to her parents at breakfast the following morning.
  • One should always be wary of men who can lie repeatedly without their face ever changing color.
  • "Or it could be the last vicious twist from a guy who lied and turned on his friends repeatedly."
  • "Since you have already lied to me repeatedly," said Uphanad.
  • They then repeatedly lied to environmental regulators to cover up the violations, the indictment states.
  • The pharmaceutical company says that the man's widow has repeatedly lied and produced false evidence.
  • Additionally, Rhoda was expelled from her school for repeatedly lying.
  • The line also said it had repeatedly lied to the Coast Guard about pollution.
  • She starts to receive phone calls from someone, and repeatedly lies to Vicky regarding her whereabouts.
  • Mr. Clinton did lie repeatedly, in plain sight, while under oath.

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