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"regret" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

regret rzeczownik

czasownik + regret
Kolokacji: 6
express regret • feel regret • voice regret • show regret • send one's regrets • ...
przymiotnik + regret
Kolokacji: 41
only regret • deep regret • great regret • big regret • real regret • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 4
1. only regret = jedyny żal only regret
2. deep regret = głęboki żal deep regret
  • I felt a small thrill of curiosity, and deep regret.
  • They sometimes leave us with deep regrets about what could have happened, but didn't.
  • He felt a shadow of deep regret at her destruction, they had come a long way together.
  • And yet I sense in you only deep regret, not hatred.
  • It is a source of deep personal regret to me that you aren't bright enough to understand what I said.
  • He spread his hands wide in a gesture of deep regret.
  • There was no masking the deep regret he felt at his decision.
  • For a brief moment, the Colonel was filled with a deep regret.
  • There was no indignation in her voice- only deep regret.
  • To our very deep regret, that was not the case.
3. great regret = wielki żal great regret
4. big regret = wielki żal big regret
przyimek + regret
Kolokacji: 8
without regret • with regret • of regret • to one's regret • for regret • ...

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