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rear przymiotnik

rear + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 179
rear door • rear seat • rear wheel • rear end • rear wall • rear axle • rear guard • rear admiral • rear suspension • rear bumper • ...
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Kolokacji: 41
1. rear door = tylne drzwi rear door
2. rear seat = tylne miejsce rear seat
3. rear wheel = tylne koło rear wheel
4. rear end = tyłek, pupa (pośladki) rear end
  • "Not even if they come out with a new rear end."
  • You came up here like your rear end was on fire.
  • Then I walked around the rear end of my car to meet him.
  • I named it after the rear end of my husband.
  • The rear end of the car will likely come around.
  • In the previous two years, I had seen where players tried to cover their rear end.
  • His rear end did not feel up to sitting just yet.
  • Look, you can see the empty space along the wall on the rear end of the room.
  • What they really are is, well, the rear end of the world.
  • She went down on her rear end and sat there with no more will to get up again.
5. rear wall = ściana tylna rear wall
6. rear axle = tylna oś rear axle
7. rear guard = straż tylna rear guard
8. rear admiral = kontradmirał, kadm. (skrót) rear admiral
10. rear bumper = tylny zderzak rear bumper
11. rear wing = tylne skrzydło rear wing
12. rear window = tylna szyba rear window
13. rear entrance = tylne wejście rear entrance
14. rear area = tyły, tylny obszar rear area
15. rear leg = tylna noga rear leg
16. rear section = tylna część rear section
17. rear fuselage = tylny kadłub rear fuselage
18. rear deck = tylna półka (w aucie) rear deck
19. rear spoiler = tylny spoiler rear spoiler
20. rear room = tylny pokój rear room
21. rear fender = tylny zderzak rear fender
23. rear corner = tylny kąt rear corner
24. rear view = widok z tyłu (o budynku) rear view
25. rear light = tylny reflektor rear light
26. rear sight = celownik rear sight
27. rear panel = tylny panel rear panel
28. rear brake = tylny hamulec (np. w rowerze lub motocyklu) rear brake
29. rear exit = tylne wyjście rear exit
30. rear portion = tylna część rear portion
31. rear part = tylna część rear part
32. rear edge = tylne ostrze rear edge
33. rear car = tylny samochód rear car
34. rear side = tylna strona rear side
35. rear hatch = tylny właz rear hatch
36. rear passenger = tylny pasażer rear passenger
37. rear yard = tylny jard rear yard
38. rear cockpit = tylny kokpit rear cockpit
39. rear half = tylna połowa rear half
40. rear garden = ogród na tyłach domu rear garden
41. rear gunner = tylny strzelec rear gunner

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