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publicly przysłówek

czasownik + publicly
Kolokacji: 249
publicly traded • speak publicly • publicly announce • publicly owned • publicly stated • publicly criticize • publicly acknowledge • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 55
1. publicly traded = publicznie handlować publicly traded
  • It is the largest such court in the world, and one of the few publicly owned.
  • He has been elected to the board of many publicly owned companies.
  • That is difficult enough for a publicly owned company with a social responsibility.
  • The city did not build its first publicly owned school until September 1884.
  • Most of the land along the highway is publicly owned.
  • The golf course will be the city's 14th, all publicly owned.
  • The company is publicly owned but for years has been controlled by the Smith family.
  • The company was publicly owned as it has remained since.
  • Some 1.4 million units, or 33 percent of the total, are publicly owned.
  • While some parts are publicly owned, others have been proposed for private development.
5. publicly stated = publicznie stwierdzić publicly stated
10. publicly held = publicznie trzymać publicly held
15. comment publicly = wypowiedz się publicznie comment publicly
16. publicly identified = publicznie zidentyfikować publicly identified
20. publicly admit = publicznie przyznaj się/przyznawać się publicly admit
21. say publicly = powiedz publicznie say publicly
22. publicly call = publicznie zadzwoń publicly call
23. publicly oppose = publicznie sprzeciw się publicly oppose
24. publicly known = publicznie znany publicly known
25. talk publicly = rozmawiaj publicznie talk publicly
26. shown publicly = pokazany publicznie shown publicly
29. publicly endorse = publicznie udziel poparcia publicly endorse
30. publicly financed = publicznie sfinansować publicly financed
33. publicly deny = publicznie zaprzecz publicly deny
37. publicly funded = finansowany ze środków publicznych, finansowany z funduszy społecznych publicly funded
38. publicly reported = publicznie poinformować publicly reported
42. publicly listed = publicznie wymienić publicly listed
43. publicly praise = publicznie pochwała publicly praise
44. publicly claim = publicznie twierdź publicly claim
46. made publicly = zrobiony publicznie made publicly
49. publicly burned = publicznie spalić publicly burned
51. appear publicly = pojaw się publicznie appear publicly
53. publicly urge = publicznie zaleć publicly urge
publicly + przymiotnik
Kolokacji: 15
publicly available • publicly funded • publicly accessible • publicly critical • publicly visible • ...

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