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prove czasownik

prove + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 103
prove one's point • prove one's innocence • prove one's case • prove one's worth • prove one's theory • prove one's ability • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 28
2. prove one's innocence = udowodnić swoją niewinność prove one's innocence
3. prove one's case = udowadniać czyjś przypadek prove one's case
4. prove one's worth = udowadniać czyjś wartość prove one's worth
  • Or she might be able to stay, with a new contract and good pay if she'd proved her worth.
  • You must prove your worth to me, and perhaps the boy will live.
  • He had waited a long time to prove his worth.
  • The rest are artists of the day who would prove their worth later.
  • But apparently the coach does not play them enough to prove their worth.
  • For the new members, that offer was an opportunity to prove their worth.
  • Everything, when it's new to society, has to prove its worth.
  • All at once, I wanted nothing more than to prove my worth in those clear, blue eyes.
  • They were given a time frame of 90 days to prove their worth.
  • "I decided to give him an opportunity to prove his worth."
6. prove one's ability = udowadniać czyjś umiejętność prove one's ability
7. prove one's claim = udowadniać swoje roszczenie prove one's claim
8. prove one's loyalty = udowadniać czyjś lojalność prove one's loyalty
9. prove one's value = udowadniać czyjś wartość prove one's value
10. prove one's mettle = wykazać się, pokazać swój charakter prove one's mettle
11. chance to prove = okazja by udowodnić chance to prove
12. prove one's guilt = udowadniać czyjś wina prove one's guilt
14. evidence to prove = dowody by udowodnić evidence to prove
15. way to prove = sposób by udowodnić way to prove
16. prove one's identity = legitymować się, wylegitymować się prove one's identity
17. prove a success = dowiedź sukcesu prove a success
20. prove a thing = dowiedź rzeczy prove a thing
21. prove one's undoing = udowadniać czyjś zguba prove one's undoing
22. prove one's superiority = udowadniać czyjś wyższość prove one's superiority
23. prove one's love = udowadniać czyjś miłość prove one's love
24. prove one's power = udowadniać czyjś moc prove one's power
25. opportunity to prove = okazja by udowodnić opportunity to prove
26. prove one's effectiveness = udowadniać czyjś skuteczność prove one's effectiveness
27. prove results = dowiedź wyników prove results
28. prove a way = dowiedź drogi prove a way
czasownik + prove
Kolokacji: 14
try to prove • failed to prove • need to prove • want to prove • go to prove • ...
prove + przyimek
Kolokacji: 31
prove beyond • prove to • prove by • prove over • prove against • ...
prove + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 362
prove difficult • prove successful • prove popular • prove useful • prove effective • prove impossible • prove fatal • prove wrong • ...

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