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protect czasownik

protect + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 358
protect consumers • protect citizens • protect workers • protect Journalists • protect habitat • protect civilians • protect children • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
2. protect consumers = broń konsumentów protect consumers
7. protect civilians = chroń cywilów protect civilians
9. protect species = chroń gatunek protect species
11. protect women = chroń kobiety protect women
21. protect wildlife = chroń faunę i florę protect wildlife
22. protect safety = chroń bezpieczeństwo protect safety
24. protect plants = chroń rośliny protect plants
29. protect one's eyes = chronić czyjś oczy protect one's eyes
31. protect one's skin = chronić czyjś skóra protect one's skin
32. protect one's borders = chronić czyjś granice protect one's borders
37. protect animals = chroń zwierzęta protect animals
39. protect one's face = chronić czyjś twarz protect one's face
40. protect one's head = chronić czyjś głowa protect one's head
43. protect investors = chroń inwestorów protect investors
46. protect sites = chroń miejsca protect sites
49. protect Americans = chroń Amerykanów protect Americans
50. protect patients = chroń pacjentów protect patients
51. protect buildings = ochroń budynki protect buildings
53. protect one's members = chronić czyjś członkowie protect one's members
54. protect others = chroń innych protect others
55. protect victims = chroń ofiary protect victims
59. protect companies = broń spółki protect companies
  • They are often used as a form of financial insurance to protect companies and investors from market swings.
  • In both cases, the goal is to help protect companies from liability if their stock price drops and employees lose retirement money.
  • High regulatory hurdles, in other words, protect companies from competitors who have not cleared them.
  • Since 1974, a Federal law has protected health-insurance companies from being sued.
  • Further efforts to protect American companies from foreign competition must be resisted.
  • This will protect even highly leveraged companies from the effect of rising rates in the next few months.
  • This week, Arizona came close to becoming the 19th state to adopt a law protecting companies on pollution.
  • It will help protect companies and their boards from abusive takeover tactics.
  • Therefore, we wonder what legal protection there is to protect European companies against such damages.
  • The main objective of this legislation should not be to exist per se but to protect consumers and companies.
60. protect one's daughter = chronić czyjś córka protect one's daughter
61. protect convoys = chroń konwoje protect convoys
64. effort to protect = wysiłek by chronić effort to protect
65. duty to protect = obowiązek by chronić duty to protect
66. need to protect = potrzebuj chronić need to protect
67. protect one's son = chronić czyjś syn protect one's son
71. protect students = chroń studentów protect students
74. protect persons = chroń osoby protect persons
75. way to protect = sposób by chronić way to protect
76. protect residents = chroń mieszkańców protect residents
77. ability to protect = umiejętność chronienia ability to protect
79. protect cells = chroń komórki protect cells
83. protect minorities = broń mniejszości protect minorities
85. protect the city = chroń miasto protect the city
89. protect one's position = chronić czyjś pozycja protect one's position
90. protect users = chroń użytkowników protect users
91. protect ecosystems = chroń ekosystemy protect ecosystems
92. protect parts = chroń części protect parts
93. protect shipping = chroń żeglugę protect shipping
95. protect settlers = chroń osadników protect settlers
96. protect one's territory = chronić czyjś teren protect one's territory
97. protect trees = chroń drzewa protect trees
98. protect groups = chroń grupy protect groups
100. protect wetlands = chroń tereny podmokłe protect wetlands
czasownik + protect
Kolokacji: 65
help protect • designed to protect • intended to protect • seek to protect • try to protect • fail to protect • fight to protect • ...
protect + przyimek
Kolokacji: 34
protect against • protected under • protect by • protect from • protect within • ...
protect + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 66
adequately protect • fully protected • well protected • better protect • legally protected • ...

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