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professional rzeczownik

rzeczownik + professional
Kolokacji: 64
health professional • healthcare professional • industry professional • Tennis Professional • physician other healthcare professional • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 17
  • But some industry professionals say the changes do not go far enough.
  • Another problem is that even the industry professionals have limited access to information.
  • We also use domestic industry professionals in product development work.
  • For one thing, the public isn't allowed into the conference - only industry professionals and members of the media have access to the show.
  • Classes are taught by industry professionals who work in the business.
  • Most industry professionals agree there is a pause in the market.
  • The Stanford program is mostly for industry professionals who want to keep up with change.
  • The magazine is free and available only on request for industry professionals.
  • Students learn the basics of film and music production from industry professionals.
  • The panel of judges were seen as four industry professionals.
6. Guardian Professional = Strażnik Profesjonalista Guardian Professional
9. estate professional = profesjonalista majątku estate professional
10. investment professional = profesjonalista inwestycyjny investment professional
13. tax professional = profesjonalista podatku tax professional
14. health-care professional = profesjonalista dotyczący służby zdrowia health-care professional
16. media professional = profesjonalista medialny media professional
17. museum professional = profesjonalista muzealny museum professional
professional + czasownik
Kolokacji: 42
professional says • prescribed by one's health professional • healthcare professional monitors • professional working • ...
czasownik + professional
Kolokacji: 35
consult physician professional • include professionals • train professionals • write for health professionals • attract professionals • ...
przymiotnik + professional
Kolokacji: 74
young professional • medical professional • mental health professional • political professional • skilled professional • ...
przyimek + professional
Kolokacji: 16
among professionals • by professionals • for professionals • of professionals • with professionals • ...

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