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privacy rzeczownik

rzeczownik + privacy
Kolokacji: 14
privacy of one's home • privacy of one's room • consumer privacy • user privacy • data privacy • ...
privacy + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 49
Privacy Policy • privacy right • privacy issue • Privacy Act • privacy law • privacy advocate • privacy concern • Policies Privacy Link • ...
czasownik + privacy
Kolokacji: 42
give privacy • protect one's privacy • invade one's privacy • violate one's privacy • respect one's privacy • want privacy • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 13
3. invade one's privacy = najeżdżać czyjś prywatność invade one's privacy
  • You have no right to invade my privacy, not even in your own house.
  • The Times does not often invade people's privacy without good reason.
  • You see fit to invade my privacy for no good reason- fine.
  • "So that you could invade my privacy and get some images from me."
  • They don't have to worry about us invading people's privacy.
  • Nice job in going ahead and invading their privacy anyway.
  • I had invaded my own privacy by publishing a book.
  • Will it tell us, and, if not, are we invading its privacy to ask?
  • It's up to them to find a way to keep the internet free without invading our privacy.
  • The answer, it appears, is that many people believe the government will invade only someone else's privacy.
5. respect one's privacy = szacunek czyjś prywatność respect one's privacy
6. want privacy = chciej prywatność want privacy
7. provide privacy = zapewnij prywatność provide privacy
8. need privacy = prywatność potrzeby need privacy
9. honor one's privacy = honor czyjś prywatność honor one's privacy
10. visit one's Privacy = odwiedzać czyjś Prywatność visit one's Privacy
11. guard one's privacy = strażnik czyjś prywatność guard one's privacy
12. ensure privacy = zapewnij prywatność ensure privacy
13. maintain one's privacy = utrzymywać czyjś prywatność maintain one's privacy
przymiotnik + privacy
Kolokacji: 19
personal privacy • little privacy • individual privacy • complete privacy • relative privacy • ...
przyimek + privacy
Kolokacji: 11
about privacy • of privacy • to privacy • for privacy • on privacy • ...

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