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plate rzeczownik

rzeczownik + plate
Kolokacji: 111
license plate • home plate • metal plate • steel plate • dinner plate • paper plate • glass plate • brass plate • River Plate • copper plate • ...
plate + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 30
plate appearance • plate tectonics • plate glass • plate umpire • license plate number • plate boundary • ...
plate + czasownik
Kolokacji: 40
plate moves • plate containing • plate comes • plate covers • plate shows • ...
czasownik + plate
Kolokacji: 65
use plates • push one's plate • step up to the plate • plate made • serve plates • fill one's plate • divide among several plates • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 13
1. push one's plate = popychać czyjś talerz push one's plate
2. use plates = talerze wykorzystania use plates
3. plate made = talerz zrobił plate made
4. serve plates = obsłuż talerze serve plates
5. step up to the plate = dać z siebie wszystko, dawać z siebie wszystko step up to the plate
6. fill one's plate = napełniać się czyjś talerz fill one's plate
7. divide among several plates = podział wśród kilku talerzy divide among several plates
8. look at one's plate = patrzeć czyjś talerz look at one's plate
  • "It's so nice to be with someone who doesn't look at my plate and say, 'You're not going to eat all that, are you?' "
  • She looked at me for a while, then at my plate.
  • "I can't possibly eat all of this," you think, looking at your plate.
  • Elliot's eyes flared, but the President was looking at his plate.
  • Then his father stopped too, and looked at his plate.
  • When he came back Nick was looking at his plate.
  • 'I am sorry you did not have a very good meal,' he said, looking at my plate.
  • The way he looked at her plate said that if she wasn't, he was.
  • "She won't tell you," he said, looking at his plate.
  • And that was when she realized he wasn't even bothering to look at his plate.
11. consist of several plates = składaj się z kilku talerzy consist of several plates
12. send to the plate = wyślij do talerza send to the plate
13. pick up one's plate = poprawiać się czyjś talerz pick up one's plate
przymiotnik + plate
Kolokacji: 114
small plate • tectonic plate • large plate • hot plate • empty plate • photographic plate • flat plate • American Plate • Eurasian Plate • ...
przyimek + plate
Kolokacji: 23
in plates • with plates • of plates • into plates • among several plates • ...

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