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"plan" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

plan rzeczownik

rzeczownik + plan
Kolokacji: 336
care plan • master plan • game plan • business plan • health plan • peace plan • pension plan • floor plan • contingency plan • ...
plan + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 14
Plan b • Regional Plan Association • Plan a • Plan Colombia • plan administrator • ...
plan + czasownik
Kolokacji: 251
plan includes • plan backfires • plan calls • plan offers • plan requires • plan involves • plan consists • plan covers • plan fails • ...
czasownik + plan
Kolokacji: 253
announce plans • cancel plans • plan called • lay plans • file plans • make plans • include plans • begin plans • discuss one's plans • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
4. lay plans = nakreślać plany lay plans
5. file plans = plany pliku file plans
8. begin plans = zacznij plany begin plans
21. stop one's plans = zatrzymywać się czyjś plany stop one's plans
24. stick to one's plan = patyk aby czyjś plan stick to one's plan
30. learn of one's plans = dowiadywać się czyjś plany learn of one's plans
31. ruin one's plans = rujnować czyjś plany ruin one's plans
32. interfere with one's plans = przeszkadzać czyjś plany interfere with one's plans
34. promote one's plan = promować czyjś plan promote one's plan
35. confirm plans = potwierdź plany confirm plans
36. come up with a plan = wystaraj się o plan come up with a plan
39. comment on one's plans = komentarz na czyjś plany comment on one's plans
44. plan is scrapped = od planu odstępują plan is scrapped
45. sell one's plan = sprzedawać czyjś plan sell one's plan
46. disrupt one's plans = zakłócać czyjś plany disrupt one's plans
51. ask about one's plans = pytać czyjś plany ask about one's plans
52. brief on one's plans = krótki na czyjś plany brief on one's plans
57. take one's plan = brać czyjś plan take one's plan
59. defend one's plan = bronić czyjś plan defend one's plan
60. plan aimed = plan dążył plan aimed
64. plan is drawn = plan jest narysowany plan is drawn
73. form a plan = ukształtuj plan form a plan
74. plan is based = plan jest oparty plan is based
82. give up one's plan = machać ręką czyjś plan give up one's plan
86. plan is set = plan jest ustalony plan is set
87. scale back one's plans = skala z powrotem czyjś plany scale back one's plans
  • The administration is expected to release its plan this month.
  • Yesterday the city went it alone in releasing its plan.
  • In May 1988, the administration released a plan that called for $57 billion to be invested over 10 years.
  • The latest plans for the area, released last week, show almost no plaza at all.
  • So they pushed up their schedule for releasing his plan.
  • But last week, the governor released a plan calling for an additional $36.5 billion in federal assistance.
  • Copies of the plan released yesterday can be found at the development corporation's Web site,
  • On the strength of this, we have just released our new direct-mail plan which I know you'll like still better.
  • The Democratic leaders of the Assembly released their complete $72.2 billion financial plan for 1998-99.
  • Next month, after a public comment period, the Forest Service will release its final plan.
91. need a plan = potrzebuj planu need a plan
92. plan is realized = plan jest zrealizowany plan is realized
95. show plans = plany widowiska show plans
96. affect one's plans = wpływać czyjś plany affect one's plans
98. plan is shelved = plan jest odłożony plan is shelved
99. plan is advanced = plan jest zaawansowany plan is advanced
100. hear one's plans = słyszeć czyjś plany hear one's plans
przymiotnik + plan
Kolokacji: 384
original plan • ambitious plan • economic plan • future plan • detailed plan • strategic plan • long-term plan • five-year plan • ...
przyimek + plan
Kolokacji: 32
including plans • with plans • of one's care plan • about one's plans • for one's plan • ...

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