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"pity" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

pity rzeczownik

pity + czasownik
Kolokacji: 4
pity says • pity stirs • pity thinks • pity overcomes
czasownik + pity
Kolokacji: 10
take pity • feel pity • see pity • show pity • express pity • ...
przymiotnik + pity
Kolokacji: 11
great pity • real pity • sudden pity • genuine pity • terrible pity • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 1
1. great pity = wielka litość great pity
2. sudden pity = nagła litość sudden pity
3. terrible pity = straszna litość terrible pity
4. infinite pity = nieskończona litość infinite pity
5. little pity = mała litość little pity
6. immense pity = ogromna litość immense pity
7. awful pity = okropna litość awful pity
  • I could not speak for the awful pity that stopped my mouth.
  • It seems an awful pity.
  • I even feel too sleepy to have another helping of trifle, which is an awful pity!
  • It's such an awful pity that he hasn't got a better property to work on.
  • But it's an awful pity, all the same.
  • Everybody was still asleep, 'It's an awful pity they couldn't come,' said Dorothea, and Tom started, at hearing his own thought spoken aloud.
  • Oh, dear-it's an awful pity I don't like June.
  • This is an awful pity, but life is complicated enough without going out and finding ways to add trouble!
  • He had seen a great vision and was as a god, and he could feel only profound and awful pity for this maggot of a man.
  • What an awful pity they recommended a medicine which had already been emphatically rejected by the patient.
(2) real, genuine, mingled, mock
Kolokacji: 4
przyimek + pity
Kolokacji: 7
without Pity • with pity • of pity • in pity • for pity • ...

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