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"phone" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

phone rzeczownik

rzeczownik + phone
Kolokacji: 46
cell phone • pay phone • satellite phone • car phone • Android phone • Windows Phone • camera phone • home phone • ...
phone + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 110
phone call • phone number • phone company • phone line • phone service • phone conversation • phone book • phone booth • ...
phone + czasownik
Kolokacji: 48
phone rings • phone goes • phone works • phone uses • phone starts • phone begins • ...
czasownik + phone
Kolokacji: 59
sell phones • call from a pay phone • phone is tapped • answer the phone • speak by phone • call one's cell phone • grab the phone • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 17
1. sell phones = sprzedaj telefony sell phones
  • Oh come on apple is making huge profits selling less phones.
  • It must be like trying to sell rotary phones.
  • The store is to sell cellular phones and equipment.
  • It was a business that sold cellular phones with high quality customer service.
  • We're not selling phones that people just throw in their glove box and use if they have a flat tire.
  • With customers like these, Motorola will always be able to sell phones in China.
  • What I mainly see is lots of young men selling mobile phones and accessories.
  • My complaint is why are these carriers selling smart phones on watching video and other high data rate media when they plan to cap them?
  • Mobile phone manufacturers sell phones directly to customers rather than through network operators.
  • The industry sold 25 percent more phones in the first quarter compared with a year ago.
4. speak by phone = mów telefonicznie speak by phone
5. call one's cell phone = dzwonić czyjś telefon komórkowy call one's cell phone
8. hold the phone = proszę zaczekać (używane w czasie rozmowy telefonicznej) hold the phone
10. say by phone = powiedz telefonicznie say by phone
11. call from a pay phone = zadzwoń z automatu telefonicznego call from a pay phone
14. find a phone = znajdź telefon find a phone
15. make phones = marki telefony make phones
16. hand the phone = podaj telefon hand the phone
17. send to one's phone = wysyłać czyjś telefon send to one's phone
przymiotnik + phone
Kolokacji: 51
mobile phone • cellular phone • smart phone • cordless phone • new phone • public phone • portable phone • ...
przyimek + phone
Kolokacji: 17
via phone • by phone • from phones • with phones • of phones • ...

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