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"pet" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

pet rzeczownik

rzeczownik + pet
Kolokacji: 8
family pet • household pet • house pet • Penthouse Pet • Commodore PET • ...
pet + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 105
pet dog • pet project • pet owner • pet shop • pet store • pet food • pet name • pet cat • pet trade • Pet Shop Boy • pet peeve • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 14
1. pet dog = pies pet dog
2. pet project = ulubione zajęcie kogoś, konik pet project
3. pet owner = ulubiony właściciel pet owner
4. pet shop = sklep ze zwierzętami, sklep zoologiczny pet shop
5. pet store = sklep ze zwierzętami, sklep zoologiczny pet store
  • Maybe his sense in the pet store had been right.
  • To get a better idea, let's return to the mice and the pet store.
  • Every day he sends one of the kids to the pet store.
  • After leaving the pet store, the boys were not seen alive again.
  • Try going to a pet store and asking them what would be most appropriate.
  • "How about visiting a pet store before we leave the station?"
  • He headed along to the pet store, in hope of finding some human company, and a phone.
  • It's about time that pet stores were required to do the same.
  • He'd had to buy it from a pet store, not his first choice but about all that was available to him on a Sunday afternoon.
  • She returned the cat to the pet store, got another and the same thing happened.
6. pet food = pokarm dla psów i kotów pet food
7. pet name = pieszczotliwe przezwisko pet name
8. pet cat = kot pet cat
9. pet trade = ulubiony handel pet trade
10. Pet Shop Boy = Sklep zoologiczny Chłopiec Pet Shop Boy
11. pet peeve = znienawidzona rzecz, coś, co kogoś drażni pet peeve
12. pet theory = ulubiona teoria pet theory
13. pet monkey = ulubiona małpa pet monkey
14. pet bird = ulubiony ptak pet bird
pet + czasownik
Kolokacji: 4
Pet sounds • pet goes • pet dies • pet gets
czasownik + pet
Kolokacji: 17
keep away from pets • make pets • keep as pets • keep pets • learn from one's pet • ...
przymiotnik + pet
Kolokacji: 33
exotic pet • new pet • little pet • domestic pet • beloved pet • ...
przyimek + pet
Kolokacji: 11
for pets • with pets • of pets • to pets • away from pets • ...

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