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"pearl" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

pearl rzeczownik

rzeczownik + pearl
Kolokacji: 15
Daniel Pearl • seed pearl • Mr. Pearl • Minnie Pearl • Mount Pearl • ...
pearl + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 41
Pearl Harbor • Pearl Jam • Pearl Street • Pearl River • pearl necklace • pearl earring • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 9
2. Pearl Jam = Perłowy Dżem Pearl Jam
3. Pearl Street = Perłowa Ulica Pearl Street
4. Pearl River = Perłowa Rzeka Pearl River
5. pearl necklace = naszyjnik z pereł pearl necklace
  • We all wish to be rich; to buy the pearl earrings several times over.
  • At this distance, I wasn't able to see his pearl earring.
  • Yet it's hard to picture her in a corporate gray suit and pearl earrings.
  • The first gift she opened was a beautiful set of pearl earrings that a relative had given to her.
  • The only jewelry she wore was a watch and a pair of small pearl earrings.
  • She might have to sell her mother's pearl earrings.
  • Before the dead girl is moved, the Inspector gently removes her pearl earrings.
  • She frowns and tosses her red hair back off what look like pearl earrings.
  • 'No pearl earring,' he had reported the day after she first told him about the stranger with the long white face.
  • He sat forward abruptly and his voice sharpened, "But those had better not be my pearl earrings you're wearing!"
7. Pearl Harbor attack = Perłowy Port atak Pearl Harbor attack
8. Pearl Bailey = Perłowy Bailey Pearl Bailey
9. pearl onion = perłowa cebula pearl onion
czasownik + pearl
Kolokacji: 8
wear pearls • produce pearls • give pearls • see Pearl • cast pearls • ...
przymiotnik + pearl
Kolokacji: 19
Black Pearl • tiny pearl • white pearl • large pearl • fake pearl • ...
przyimek + pearl
Kolokacji: 11
with pearls • of pearls • in pearls • for pearls • to Pearl • ...

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