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opportunity rzeczownik

rzeczownik + opportunity
Kolokacji: 70
business opportunity • job opportunity • employment opportunity • investment opportunity • photo opportunity • career opportunity • ...
opportunity + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 16
opportunity cost • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission • Opportunity Knock • Opportunity Act • Opportunity Rover • ...
opportunity + czasownik
Kolokacji: 66
opportunity arises • opportunity presents • opportunity comes • opportunity exists • opportunity makes • ...
czasownik + opportunity
Kolokacji: 85
create opportunities • seek opportunities • pursue opportunities • expand opportunities • find opportunities • identify opportunities • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 40
  • Three recent significant changes have created a great opportunity to focus research on the health needs of the population.
  • Everything from a civil society to how you create more opportunity for people in the new economy.
  • We'll have to create opportunities and do more as a political party.
  • That's going to create opportunity for you with your legs.
  • We want to create more opportunities for us to meet like this in the future.
  • It's an agreement that will create new jobs and opportunity for people in both of our countries.
  • We need to create opportunities for investment in the city.
  • Science and faith will continue to create new opportunities as they always have.
  • This can create an opportunity for communication between players within the rules of the game.
  • Like almost everything else, the chart created an opportunity for more words from members of the committee.
10. exploit opportunities = wykorzystaj okazje exploit opportunities
11. open opportunities = otwarte okazje open opportunities
18. open up opportunities = otwarty w górę okazji open up opportunities
24. welcome the opportunity = przyjmij z zadowoleniem okazję welcome the opportunity
28. reduce opportunities = zmniejszaj szanse reduce opportunities
37. learn opportunities = naucz się okazji learn opportunities
39. maximize opportunities = wykorzystać w maksymalny sposób możliwości maximize opportunities
przymiotnik + opportunity
Kolokacji: 188
great opportunity • educational opportunity • equal opportunity • economic opportunity • unique opportunity • ample opportunity • ...
przyimek + opportunity
Kolokacji: 16
of opportunity • with opportunities • about opportunities • on opportunities • to opportunities • ...

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