"official" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

official rzeczownik

rzeczownik + official
Kolokacji: 371
government official • Administration official • city official • police official • school official • union official • health official • ...
official + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 3
Officials Report • Bordeaux Wine Official Classification • Official Website
official + czasownik
Kolokacji: 392
official says • official acknowledges • official declines • official announces • official expresses • official insists • official estimates • ...
czasownik + official
Kolokacji: 109
elect officials • quote officials • appoint officials • allow officials • accuse officials • tell officials • ask officials • make official • ...
przymiotnik + official
Kolokacji: 250
senior official • American official • local official • top official • military official • public official • federal official • Israeli official • ...
przyimek + official
Kolokacji: 20
among officials • by officials • including officials • with officials • between officials • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 15
(2) on, at, in, about, after, ...
Kolokacji: 10
1. on officials = na urzędników on officials
2. at officials = u urzędników at officials
3. in officials = w urzędnikach in officials
4. about officials = o urzędnikach about officials
5. after officials = za urzędnikami after officials
6. before officials = przed urzędnikami before officials
7. involving officials = obejmując urzędników involving officials
  • The money was a result of extraordinary political wangling, involving the Republican Governor, local Democratic officials and union leaders.
  • In 1997, an illegal logging scandal, involving forestry and military officials, was uncovered at the park.
  • Tagliabue said the ending of the Giants-49ers game was the most disappointing moment involving officials in his 13 years as commissioner.
  • It will also review financial disclosure documents and prepare advisory opinions on ethical problems involving elected officials and state employees.
  • It also possesses the authority to try cases involving cabinet and senior federal officials.
  • Insurance is an important factor in cases involving officials of charities, Professor Cassidy said.
  • Among the activities supported was a regional anti-trafficking workshop involving officials from Vietnam and Thailand.
  • The inquiry is the fourth criminal investigation involving high-ranking officials in the Clinton Administration.
  • But Ms. Reno said there were no specific accusations about foreign donations involving senior officials who are covered by the independent counsel law.
  • Democrats have said that indictments and investigations involving important officials in the Reagan Administration would play a role in the campaign.
8. over officials = ponad urzędnikami over officials
9. along with officials = wraz z urzędnikami along with officials
10. through officials = dzięki urzędnikom through officials

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