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"officer" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

officer rzeczownik

rzeczownik + officer
Kolokacji: 233
police officer • army officer • executive officer • intelligence officer • security officer • staff officer • Navy officer • correction officer • ...
officer + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 40
officer corps • officer training • officer cadet • officer rank • officer candidate • ...
officer + czasownik
Kolokacji: 434
officer arrives • officer shoots • officer stands • officer arrests • officer fires • officer responds • officer enters • officer kills • ...
czasownik + officer
Kolokacji: 155
officer assigned • officer accused • train officers • elect officers • allow officers • send officers • officer involved • include officers • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 53
2. officer accused = urzędnik oskarżył officer accused
4. train officers = urzędnicy kolejowi train officers
5. allow officers = pozwól urzędnikom allow officers
11. put several officers = włóż kilku funkcjonariuszy put several officers
12. officer known = urzędnik znany officer known
13. lose several officers = strać kilku urzędników lose several officers
14. officer stationed = urzędnik postawił officer stationed
15. return officer = funkcjonariusz rewanżowy return officer
18. appoint as officer = wyznacz jako funkcjonariusz appoint as officer
20. officer is wounded = urzędnik jest zraniony officer is wounded
24. officer led = urzędnik zaprowadził officer led
25. officer is shot = urzędnik zostanie postrzelony officer is shot
26. serve officers = obsłuż urzędników serve officers
29. officer is required = funkcjonariusz jest potrzebowany officer is required
30. officer is given = funkcjonariusz jest udzielony officer is given
32. officer is found = urzędnik zostanie znaleziony officer is found
36. need officers = urzędnicy potrzeby need officers
37. act as officer = akt jako funkcjonariusz act as officer
38. ask the officer = zapytaj urzędnika ask the officer
40. retire as the officer = przejdź na emeryturę jako funkcjonariusz retire as the officer
42. assign as officer = beneficjent jako funkcjonariusz assign as officer
43. add several officers = dodaj kilku urzędników add several officers
44. provide officers = dostarcz urzędnikom provide officers
45. get officers = mieć urzędnicy get officers
46. show officers = urzędnicy widowiska show officers
  • Photographs taken during the protest showed officers wearing badgeless uniforms.
  • "The simulation shows officers who may command a peacekeeping force the complex political background to their mission," he said at the time.
  • Questions are once again being asked about police tactics - video footage shows officers beating some protesters with batons.
  • He believes his gun shows younger officers that he was at work when times were different in New York.
  • His tape shows officers apparently yanking on the arms of the protesters, trying to clear the entry.
  • You shouldn'thave to show officers, though, especially not the ones who've been around the block.
  • Many tapes, the report said, showed federal officers physically mistreating detainees.
  • In the new collaboration, outreach workers show officers how to approach and better understand homeless people and where to take them for shelter or help.
  • Pictures of another event showed officers in retreat as the unrest developed.
  • But they both show officers out of control and using excessive force to settle a score with a suspect.
47. officer is ordered = funkcjonariusz jest uporządkowany officer is ordered
48. represent police officers = reprezentuj funkcjonariuszy policji represent police officers
49. bring officers = zabierz urzędników bring officers
51. officer is suspended = urzędnik jest zawieszony officer is suspended
52. prosecute officers = wnieś oskarżenie przeciwko urzędnikom prosecute officers
53. officer is convicted = urzędnik jest uznany za winnego officer is convicted
przymiotnik + officer
Kolokacji: 268
senior officer • military officer • financial officer • British officer • commanding officer • naval officer • young officer • medical officer • ...
przyimek + officer
Kolokacji: 28
among officers • against officers • between officers • by officers • including officers • ...

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