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ministry rzeczownik

rzeczownik + ministry
Kolokacji: 85
Defense Ministry • government ministry • Air Ministry • Ministry of Resource Development • Ministry of Communications • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 41
3. Air Ministry = Ministerstwo Lotnictwa Air Ministry
6. Ministry of Technology = Ministerstwo Techniki Ministry of Technology
  • He served as a member of standing committee on youth and sports ministry.
  • He was given time off by the sports ministry, his employer as national coach, to train.
  • The department also emphasizes sports ministry and social seminars to reach youth outside the church.
  • Unlike most other nations, the United States does not have a sports ministry.
  • "Officials at the sports ministry are completely out of touch with reality," Vlasov said.
  • The French sports ministry, after phone calls and questions sent via e-mail to a spokeswoman, shed no light on the case.
  • It is an agency under the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
  • Now, he is known for his inspirational speaking, sports marketing, and sports ministry.
  • Sport development in 2006 was managed by the Ministry of Education and Sports.
  • It has been given annually since 1988 by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.
9. church ministry = ministerstwo kościelne church ministry
12. Ministry of Agriculture = brytyjskie Ministerstwo Rolnictwa, Rybołówstwa i Żywności Ministry of Agriculture
22. Ontario Ministry = Ontario Ministerstwo Ontario Ministry
24. Ministry of Science = Ministerstwo Nauki Ministry of Science
26. Ministry of Works = Ministerstwo z pracuje Ministry of Works
28. campus ministry = ministerstwo kampusu campus ministry
29. Oil Ministry = Ministerstwo naftowe Oil Ministry
30. UK Ministry = Brytyjskie Ministerstwo UK Ministry
34. Home Ministry = Ministerstwo domowe Home Ministry
35. State Ministry = Państwo Ministerstwo State Ministry
40. Ministry of Health Services = Ministerstwo służb zdrowia Ministry of Health Services
41. television ministry = ministerstwo telewizyjne television ministry
ministry + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 17
ministry official • Foreign Ministry spokesman • Interior Ministry official • Foreign Ministry official • ministry spokesman • ...
ministry + czasownik
Kolokacji: 69
Ministry announces • Ministry issues • ministry says • listed by the French Ministry • Ministry reports • ...
czasownik + ministry
Kolokacji: 26
ministry is headed • begin one's ministry • enter the ministry • join the Ministry • appoint in the Ministry • ...
przymiotnik + ministry
Kolokacji: 86
foreign ministry • new ministry • Iraqi Ministry • Norwegian Ministry • Italian Ministry • Christian ministry • interior ministry • ...
przyimek + ministry
Kolokacji: 17
in the Ministry • by the Ministry • under the Ministry • from the Ministry • at the Ministry • ...

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