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military przymiotnik

military + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 867
military service • military force • military officer • military base • military personnel • military operation • military action • ...
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Kolokacji: 100
10. military leader = przywódca wojskowy military leader
16. military leadership = militarne przywództwo military leadership
  • Florida became subject to the military authority of the federal government in 1867.
  • He had both the military authority and economic power to help fund education.
  • The military authorities are still playing too great a part in the social and political life of that nation.
  • Whatever you say to me will not be repeated to any military authority.
  • After two hours the meeting got out of control and the military authorities closed it down.
  • Because of long lines however, police and military authorities decided to keep the doors open.
  • To the military authorities then in power it was a clear and present danger.
  • In this game, the player has all military authority over their selected nation.
  • Each district works closely with the military authorities in the area.
  • Military authorities may take police powers if they judge it necessary.
34. military activity = aktywność wojskowa, działalność wojskowa military activity
38. military uniform = umundurowanie wojskowe military uniform
46. military target = cel wojskowy (jako rozkaz) military target
47. military victory = militarne zwycięstwo military victory
51. military adviser = militarny doradca military adviser
52. military expert = militarny specjalista military expert
54. military alliance = sojusz wojskowy military alliance
55. military occupation = okupacja wojskowa, zajęcie przez wojsko military occupation
56. military duty = obowiązek służby wojskowej military duty
57. military strength = potencjał militarny military strength
58. military facility = militarny obiekt military facility
60. military establishment = militarne utworzenie military establishment
61. military threat = militarna groźba military threat
62. military rank = stopień wojskowy military rank
64. military expedition = ekspedycja wojskowa military expedition
65. military ruler = militarny władca military ruler
67. military buildup = militarne natężenie military buildup
68. military wing = militarne skrzydło military wing
69. military plane = samolot wojskowy military plane
71. military strike = militarny strajk military strike
73. military hardware = broń i wyposażenie wojskowe military hardware
74. military headquarters = militarna centrala military headquarters
75. military capability = potencjał wojskowy (zdolność do osiągnięcia zamierzonego celu militarnego) military capability
77. military might = militarna moc military might
78. military supply = militarny zapas military supply
80. military attack = napad zbrojny military attack
84. military barracks = koszary wojskowe military barracks
85. military involvement = militarne uczestnictwo military involvement
86. military planner = militarny autor planu military planner
91. military advisor = doradca wojskowy military advisor
92. military confrontation = militarna konfrontacja military confrontation
93. military secret = tajemnica wojskowa military secret
94. military engagement = militarne zaangażowanie military engagement
95. military outpost = militarna placówka military outpost
96. military solution = militarne rozwiązanie military solution
97. military option = militarna opcja military option
99. military purpose = cel wojskowy military purpose
100. military post = posterunek wojskowy, stanowisko wojskowe military post
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military + przyimek
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military in • military for • military to • military on • military with • ...

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