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member rzeczownik

rzeczownik + member
Kolokacji: 331
family member • board member • council member • party member • committee member • staff member • band member • ...
member + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 56
member nation • member institution • member State • member country • member organization • member company • member club • ...
member + czasownik
Kolokacji: 499
member votes • member gathers • member participates • member complains • member resigns • member attends • member elects • ...
czasownik + member
Kolokacji: 337
recruit members • cast members • urge members • found member • encourage members • feature members • allow members • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
1. recruit members = nowy członek członkowie recruit members
3. urge members = pragnienie członkowie urge members
9. involve members = obejmij członków involve members
12. tell members = powiedz członkom tell members
17. meet members = spotkaj członków meet members
18. send members = wyślij członków send members
  • Carver helped gather enough evidence to send several members to prison.
  • Last Sunday, when the united front, which is now a political party, sent members to invite the boy to a rally, he refused.
  • The three first of these send members to Parliament.
  • Nor will it send members of the building's staff to clean the area.
  • Agriculture has become less viable, which is one of the reasons why families have turned to crafts and sending members to other places to work.
  • The Australian success sent members of the delegation running down from their seats, screaming in joy.
  • In the Netherlands, four parties have, more than once, sent members into the cabinet.
  • All states were to send members in proportion to their size.
  • Most recently they sent members to the international competition in Florida.
  • He sent members of his staff to Europe to collect information on foreign labor force trends.
19. join members = zapisz się do członków join members
21. help members = pomoc członkowie help members
24. represent as a member = przedstawiaj się jako członek represent as a member
27. join as a member = zapisz się jako członek join as a member
29. add several members = dodaj kilku członków add several members
30. bring members = zabierz członków bring members
31. grow to several members = urośnij do kilku członków grow to several members
32. begin as a member = zacznij jako członek begin as a member
33. show members = widowisko członkowie show members
36. replace members = zastąp członków replace members
37. see members = zobacz członkowie see members
38. admit a member = przyjmij członka admit a member
39. take members = zabierz członków take members
40. keep members = zatrzymaj członków keep members
41. interview members = wywiad członkowie interview members
42. get members = mieć członkowie get members
43. claim several members = twierdź kilku członków claim several members
44. carry several crew members = przewieź kilku członków załogi carry several crew members
45. protect one's members = chronić czyjś członkowie protect one's members
46. inform members = informuj członków inform members
47. contact the Board Members = skontaktuj się z członkami zarządu contact the Board Members
48. persuade members = przekonaj członków persuade members
50. use members = wykorzystanie członkowie use members
53. accept members = zaakceptuj członków accept members
54. recognize members = rozpoznaj członków recognize members
55. hire staff members = wynajem członkowie ekipy hire staff members
56. come as a member = przyjdź jako członek come as a member
58. member is invited = członek jest zaproszony member is invited
60. expand to several members = rozwiń do kilku członków expand to several members
63. meet with members = spotkaj się z członkami meet with members
65. assist members = pomóż członkom assist members
69. member is expected = członek jest spodziewać się member is expected
70. member is trained = członek jest wytrenowany member is trained
73. member is given = członek jest dany member is given
74. work with members = praca z członkami work with members
75. refer to members = skieruj do członków refer to members
78. award to members = nagroda do członków award to members
79. prevent members = uniemożliw członkom prevent members
83. sit as Member = usiądź jako Członek sit as Member
84. consider a member = weź pod uwagę członka consider a member
85. give to members = daj członkom give to members
87. member is forced = członek jest zmuszony member is forced
88. member is found = członek zostanie znaleziony member is found
89. come from members = pochodź z członków come from members
90. member is accused = członek jest oskarżony member is accused
93. welcome members = mile widziani członkowie welcome members
94. affect members = wpłyń na członków affect members
97. member is charged = od członka pobierają opłatę member is charged
98. member is expelled = członek jest wykluczony member is expelled
99. describe members = przedstaw członków describe members
100. lock members = zamek członkowie lock members
przymiotnik + member
Kolokacji: 409
active member • senior member • prominent member • honorary member • fellow member • individual member • ...
przyimek + member
Kolokacji: 43
amongst members • including members • by members • between members • from members • ...

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