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lose czasownik

lose + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 593
lose control • lose money • lose weight • lose sight • lose interest • lose track • lose ground • lose touch • lose faith • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
2. lose money = stracić pieniądze, tracić pieniądze lose money
6. lose track = strać z oczu lose track
7. lose ground = tracić dystans do kogoś lose ground
10. lose consciousness = stracić przytomność lose consciousness
11. lose confidence = stracić pewność siebie, stropić się lose confidence
12. lose patience = tracić cierpliwość lose patience
13. lose contact = strać kontakt lose contact
15. lose hope = stracić nadzieję lose hope
16. lose focus = strać nacisk lose focus
17. lose count = stracić rachubę, pogubić się w liczeniu lose count
20. lose millions = strać miliony lose millions
26. lose value = tracić wartość lose value
31. lose heart = stracić chęć, stracić serce (do czegoś) lose heart
33. lose face = stracić twarz (skompromitować się) lose face
34. lose energy = strać energię lose energy
38. lose part = zgub część lose part
39. lose blood = strać krew lose blood
  • I could open her up, but she'd lose too much blood.
  • What had happened to cause him to lose so much blood?
  • Men could die very suddenly, once they lost too much blood.
  • Women need more iron because they lose blood each month during their period.
  • I'd lost enough blood over the years to know the signs.
  • He had not lost much blood, but oh God, the pain.
  • In a short time more, you will have lost too much blood.
  • The boy later died because he lost too much blood.
  • How could a man lose so much blood and live?
  • None were too serious, though he had lost much blood.
40. lose things = strać sprawy lose things
45. lose several percent = przegrywać kilka procent lose several percent
50. lose one's mind = postradać zmysły, oszaleć lose one's mind
52. lose one's grip = tracić grunt pod nogami, tracić kontrolę nad czymś lose one's grip
55. lose one's chance = przegrywać czyjś szansa lose one's chance
58. lose one's status = przegrywać czyjś status lose one's status
61. lose one's father = przegrywać czyjś ojciec lose one's father
62. lose one's arm = przegrywać czyjś ramię lose one's arm
64. lose one's wife = stracić żonę lose one's wife
65. lose one's nerve = stracić odwagę lose one's nerve
66. lose one's appeal = przegrywać czyjś apel lose one's appeal
68. lose one's footing = stracić równowagę lose one's footing
69. lose one's edge = stracić wyrazistość, stracić ikrę lose one's edge
70. lose one's mother = przegrywać czyjś matka lose one's mother
71. lose one's parents = przegrywać czyjś rodzice lose one's parents
72. lose one's virginity = stracić dziewictwo lose one's virginity
75. lose several ships = spóźnij się na kilka statków lose several ships
76. lose one's majority = przegrywać czyjś większość lose one's majority
77. lose one's hand = przegrywać czyjś ręka lose one's hand
79. lose one's hair = przegrywać czyjś włosy lose one's hair
80. lose one's license = przegrywać czyjś pozwolenie lose one's license
81. lose one's voice = przegrywać czyjś głos lose one's voice
82. lose one's house = przegrywać czyjś dom lose one's house
83. lose one's hold = tracić grunt pod nogami, tracić kontrolę nad czymś lose one's hold
85. lose one's land = przegrywać czyjś ziemia lose one's land
86. lose one's importance = przegrywać czyjś znaczenie lose one's importance
87. lose one's teeth = przegrywać czyjś zęby lose one's teeth
89. lose one's taste = przegrywać czyjś smak lose one's taste
90. lose one's daughter = przegrywać czyjś córka lose one's daughter
92. lose one's meaning = przegrywać czyjś znaczenie lose one's meaning
93. lose one's composure = strać panowanie nad sobą lose one's composure
94. lose one's love = przegrywać czyjś miłość lose one's love
95. lose one's fortune = przegrywać czyjś fortuna lose one's fortune
97. lose several cents = zgub kilka centów lose several cents
100. lose one's independence = przegrywać czyjś niezależność lose one's independence
kolokacje pogrupowane znaczeniowo
Grup znaczeniowych: 115
czasownik + lose
Kolokacji: 54
risk losing • start losing • avoid losing • begin losing • fear losing • cause to lose • mean losing • keep losing • end up losing • ...
lose + przyimek
Kolokacji: 64
lose out • lost amid • lose to • lost since • lose during • ...
lose + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 113
completely lost • narrowly lose • gradually lose • rapidly lose • totally lost • temporarily lose • eventually lose • lose twice • ...

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