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list rzeczownik

rzeczownik + list
Kolokacji: 278
mailing list • wine list • guest list • wish list • hit list • species list • best-seller list • to-do list • shopping list • client list • Seller list • ...
list + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 15
list price • List Nonfiction • Week List Advice • List Fiction • List A cricket • ...
list + czasownik
Kolokacji: 69
list includes • list contains • list goes • list grows • list shows • navigation list follows • New List compiles • list gives • list appears • ...
czasownik + list
Kolokacji: 120
see List • rank on one's list • strike from the Navy list • activate from the list • spend on the list • rank in one's list • list on one's list • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 50
2. rank on one's list = stopień na czyjś lista rank on one's list
4. spend on the list = wydaj na listę spend on the list
7. name to one's list = imię aby czyjś lista name to one's list
10. embrace to List = uścisk do Listy embrace to List
11. top the list = być na czele, prowadzić, przodować top the list
12. list is sorted = lista jest posortowana list is sorted
13. list called = lista zadzwoniła list called
16. see for a list = zobacz dla listy see for a list
28. head the list = bądź na początku listy head the list
  • I mean talent has obviously got to head the list.
  • "But you headed your list of possible victims with her, my friend?"
  • Discussion will begin with the statements that head each side's list.
  • Some say the failure to have more meets on television heads the list.
  • Heading the list is the week of lunches for $19.94.
  • She changed the subject, as though suspecting that her own name might head the list.
  • A decade later, with sales up 656 percent, Shaw heads the list.
  • Federal officials and city police around the country say the family's guns head the list of weapons most frequently used in all crimes.
  • He heads the list of 'ten good books' which Freud drew up in 1907.
  • The 12 books that headed the list were put forward for further voting, which had to determine the winner.
29. offer a list = zaoferuj listę offer a list
30. join the list = dopisz się do listy join the list
32. keep a list = trzymaj listę keep a list
33. send a list = wyślij listę send a list
36. go to List = pójdź do Listy go to List
37. list is based = lista jest oparta list is based
40. place in one's list = miejsce w czyjś lista place in one's list
41. get a list = zrozum listę get a list
42. list is used = lista jest używana list is used
43. list is found = lista zostanie znaleziona list is found
44. share the list = dziel lista share the list
45. come up with a list = wystąp z listą come up with a list
46. take at this list = weź przy tej liście take at this list
47. name on one's list = imię na czyjś lista name on one's list
48. record in lists = zapis w listach record in lists
50. issue a list = wydaj listę issue a list
przymiotnik + list
Kolokacji: 190
complete list • long list • disabled list • short list • injured list • partial list • extensive list • comprehensive list • all-time list • ...
przyimek + list
Kolokacji: 25
off the list • down the list • on the list • with a list • through the list • ...

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