"line" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

line rzeczownik

rzeczownik + line
Kolokacji: 564
poverty line • railway line • product line • rail line • finish line • story line • phone line • party line • power line • telephone line • ...
line + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 81
line drive • line coach • line drawing • line segment • New Line Cinema • line service • line item • ...
line + czasownik
Kolokacji: 247
line connects • line forms • line stretches • line represents • line crosses • line extends • line runs • line appears • line separating • ...
czasownik + line
Kolokacji: 274
line launched • write lines • live below the poverty line • call the Poison line • run on the line • line is known • deliver one's lines • ...
przymiotnik + line
Kolokacji: 584
bottom line • long line • main line • straight line • front line • offensive line • fine line • thin line • defensive line • hard line • direct line • ...
przyimek + line
Kolokacji: 50
in line • that line • via the line • by line • with lines • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 39
2. that line = ta linia that line
3. via the line = przez linię via the line
  • Later, the weigh-in occurred and due to only three contestants, one would automatically be eliminated via the red line.
  • Eight governors took office without being elected via the gubernatorial line of succession:
  • This table shows the generation of each monarch based on their descent from William I via the royal line.
  • And for the first time a handful of trains will run to Tyneside via the main line, calling at Durham.
  • For refuelling, it had to go via the main line to the depot at Reading.
  • These pits were joined to the rail network via the line at Dirrans.
  • The Metrorail has a stop at the Pentagon that can be accessed via the yellow or blue line.
  • More than 11 million net tonnes of produce are transported via the line annually, including sugar, grain, minerals and cattle.
  • This request will be duly referred to you via the line of authority.
  • The station connects to downtown Montreal via the yellow line of the metro.
7. per line = na linię per line
9. down the line = całkowicie, kompletnie, w każdy sposób down the line
17. above the line = działania marketingowe polegające na promowaniu produktów przez środki masowego przekazu above the line
18. past the line = za linią past the line
23. up the line = w górę linii up the line
25. toward the line = w kierunku linii toward the line
33. under the line = pod linią under the line
38. such as lines = taki jak linie such as lines
39. around the line = około linii around the line

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