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"lie" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

lie rzeczownik

lie + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 7
Lie group • Lie algebra • lie detector • lie detector test • lie detection • ...
lie + czasownik
Kolokacji: 7
lie comes • lie says • lie tells • lie makes • lie goes • ...
czasownik + lie
Kolokacji: 12
tell lies • believe one's lies • give the lie • spread lies • hear lies • ...
przymiotnik + lie
Kolokacji: 84
big lie • white lie • outright lie • future lie • little lie • ...
przyimek + lie
Kolokacji: 10
of lies • with lies • to lies • on lies • in a lie • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 7
(1) of, with, to, on, in, ...
Kolokacji: 10
2. with lies = z kłamstwami with lies
3. to lies = do kłamstw to lies
4. on lies = na kłamstwach on lies
5. in a lie = w kłamstwie in a lie
7. from lies = z kłamstw from lies
  • What was more, she could tell the truth from lies.
  • He could distinguish truth from lies with amazing accuracy.
  • It's difficult to separate truth from lies, friends from enemies.
  • He said this could be achieved by the press itself, acting voluntarily, "which would protect citizens from lies or manipulation of information."
  • Q. Are certain occupational groups especially good at using expressions to sort truth from lies?
  • Playing from sloping lies causes problems if you don't feel comfortable at the address position.
  • "I prefer to call them shots from unusual lies."
  • Increasingly, you can't tell truth from lies in the digital age.
  • I asked some dream interpreters, who said to me, 'You will protect him from lies.'
  • How else will they be able to tell right from wrong, and truth from lies?
8. through lies = przez kłamstwa through lies
9. by lies = przez kłamstwa by lies
10. after lie = po kłamstwie after lie

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