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"license" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

license rzeczownik

rzeczownik + license
Kolokacji: 66
liquor license • marriage license • broadcast license • operating license • software license • ...
license + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 27
license plate • license fee • license number • license agreement • license plate number • ...
license + czasownik
Kolokacji: 12
license expires • license allows • license covers • license requires • Gutenberg License includes • ...
czasownik + license
Kolokacji: 50
get one's license • receive one's license • broadcast license is held • lose one's license • release under the GNU License • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 21
  • The program, which started last year, just got its license in May.
  • Even though she never got a license, I thought to myself.
  • I was always in court trying to get a license.
  • In many countries, a person must take a test and pay money to get a license.
  • Right and they didn't get a license back to the second war.
  • If they go to a Government office to get a license or whatever, it's a problem.
  • As a result, the need to get and keep a license became a cost that had to be met.
  • A person usually has to pay some money, and maybe pass a test to get a license.
  • At least you can't do it without first getting a license from the city.
  • I passed a test after medical school to get a license.
4. lose one's license = przegrywać czyjś pozwolenie lose one's license
9. license is revoked = pozwolenie jest cofnięte license is revoked
10. use one's license = używać czyjś licencja use one's license
14. sell licenses = sprzedaj pozwolenia sell licenses
15. license under the GNU License = udzielać zezwolenia pod gnu Pozwolenie license under the GNU License
19. earn one's license = zarabiać czyjś pozwolenie earn one's license
20. assume by Royal license = przypuść przez Królewskie pozwolenie assume by Royal license
21. license is cancelled = pozwolenie jest odwołane license is cancelled
przymiotnik + license
Kolokacji: 54
new license • free money license • medical license • commercial license • exclusive license • artistic license • ...
przyimek + license
Kolokacji: 16
under license • on one's license • to one's license • in money licenses • of license • ...

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