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"league" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

league rzeczownik

rzeczownik + league
Kolokacji: 222
Football League • Hockey League • Soccer League • Champions League • Basketball League • Ivy League • Anti-Defamation League • ...
league + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 333
league game • league debut • league title • league team • league baseball • league championship • league player • league record • ...
league + czasownik
Kolokacji: 127
league consists • league wins • league plays • league announces • league begins • league starts • league says • league folds • ...
czasownik + league
Kolokacji: 90
play in the Football League • make in the Football League • spend in the leagues • promote to the Premier League • score in the league • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 30
5. win in the league = wygraj w lidze win in the league
  • They also won a total of 19 games, an all-time season record in the league.
  • "I'm trying to help us win and make a mark in the league," he said.
  • Each class will compete for the total points and wins in the league.
  • They won all but 1 game in the league and were promoted.
  • No other team has won more titles in the league.
  • No player ever has switched leagues during the season and won the title in the first league.
  • He won at many times trophy in the league, the most impressive fact of it's career.
  • However, things didn't go as planned for Boro, and they only won 2 of their first 7 games in the league.
  • The team never won any titles in the insular league and not the second level.
  • The wrestling team won the title for its division in the league the following year.
9. move to the National League = przeprowadź się do Państwowej Ligi move to the National League
11. race League = wyścig Liga race League
12. appear in the leagues = pojaw się w ligach appear in the leagues
14. league is formed = liga jest założona league is formed
15. league is founded = liga jest założona league is founded
18. enter the league = wejdź do ligi enter the league
21. run in the National League = dotrzeć Państwową Ligę run in the National League
22. leave the league = odejdź z ligi leave the league
23. manage in the leagues = zarządzaj w ligach manage in the leagues
24. qualify for the Champions League = miej kwalifikacje do Champions League qualify for the Champions League
25. create a league = stwórz ligę create a league
26. start in the leagues = początek w ligach start in the leagues
27. win to the Premier League = wygraj do Premier League win to the Premier League
30. league is contested = liga jest zakwestionowana league is contested
przymiotnik + league
Kolokacji: 149
major league • minor league • professional league • big league • amateur league • national league • Little League • Italian League • ...
przyimek + league
Kolokacji: 23
out of one's league • such as Arab league • about several leagues • during the National League • around the league • ...

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