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"leader" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

leader rzeczownik

rzeczownik + leader
Kolokacji: 266
party leader • opposition leader • union leader • business leader • community leader • majority leader • world leader • church leader • ...
leader + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 5
leader board • leader writer • leader Nikita Khrushchev • leader Mikhail Gorbachev • leader Deng Xiaoping
leader + czasownik
Kolokacji: 366
leader agrees • leader expresses • leader seeks • leader urges • leader warns • leader insists • leader meets • leader criticizes • ...
czasownik + leader
Kolokacji: 175
elect leader • appoint leader • include leaders • invite leaders • leader known • meet leaders • ask one's leaders • tell leaders • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 49
2. include leaders = obejmuj przywódców include leaders
4. invite leaders = zaproś przywódców invite leaders
5. meet leaders = spotkaj przywódców meet leaders
7. ask one's leaders = pytać czyjś przywódcy ask one's leaders
8. tell leaders = powiedz przywódcom tell leaders
  • A year later he told his military leaders that 1942 was the target date for going to war in the east.
  • "Today we are compelled to tell our leaders that this cannot go on."
  • "I will not be your boy," he told Jewish leaders through the newspapers.
  • "I'm not trying to tell Congressional leaders what to do," he says.
  • "We have asked them to tell their leaders that this resolution is nonsense and nothing will come of it."
  • Well, if that was the case, he must have told the Hawkbrothers, or at least their leaders.
  • "From the beginning of this year I told all our leaders that this will happen."
  • The banners told Russia's leaders to build peace through strength.
  • These groups are seeking chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, he told European leaders last week.
  • We've been trying for years to tell your leaders, in the nicest possible way: information wants to be free.
9. bring leaders = zabierz przywódców bring leaders
10. urge leaders = przywódcy pragnienia urge leaders
11. succeed as leader = odnieś sukces jako przywódca succeed as leader
13. accuse leaders = oskarż przywódców accuse leaders
14. regard as a leader = wzgląd jako przywódca regard as a leader
15. establish as a leader = zyskaj reputację przywódcy establish as a leader
16. join leaders = dołącz do przywódców join leaders
17. allow leaders = pozwól przywódcom allow leaders
19. resign as leader = zrezygnuj jako przywódca resign as leader
20. meet with leaders = spotkaj się z przywódcami meet with leaders
22. choose as one's leader = wybierać czyjś przywódca choose as one's leader
23. elect as leader = wybrańcy jako przywódca elect as leader
24. identify leaders = zidentyfikuj przywódców identify leaders
28. need a leader = potrzebuj przywódcy need a leader
29. consider a leader = uważaj przywódca consider a leader
30. leader is named = przywódca jest wymieniony leader is named
31. criticize leaders = skrytykuj przywódców criticize leaders
33. work with leaders = praca z przywódcami work with leaders
34. send to leaders = wyślij przywódcom send to leaders
35. find a leader = znajdź przywódca find a leader
36. give to leaders = daj przywódcom give to leaders
39. name after the leader = imię za przywódcą name after the leader
40. receive from leaders = otrzymaj od przywódców receive from leaders
41. warn leaders = ostrzeż przywódców warn leaders
42. lead leaders = przywódcy wiodący lead leaders
43. produce leaders = wyprodukuj przywódców produce leaders
44. convince leaders = przekonaj przywódców convince leaders
45. get leaders = mieć przywódcy get leaders
46. support leaders = wsparcie przywódcy support leaders
47. lose one's leader = przegrywać czyjś przywódca lose one's leader
48. record as a leader = zapis jako przywódca record as a leader
49. rush leader = przywódca pleciony z sitowia rush leader
przymiotnik + leader
Kolokacji: 530
political leader • Democratic leader • religious leader • military leader • local leader • Soviet leader • spiritual leader • ...
przyimek + leader
Kolokacji: 29
between leaders • including leaders • by leaders • under one's leader • with leaders • ...

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