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journalism rzeczownik

rzeczownik + journalism
Kolokacji: 23
broadcast journalism • television journalism • print journalism • sports journalism • citizen journalism • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 4
  • But it was a great place to learn about broadcast journalism.
  • She began her career in broadcast journalism, then worked for ten years as a film editor.
  • After a career in acting, Weeks went into broadcast journalism.
  • She has begun to think about a career in broadcast journalism or law.
  • However, after graduating she decided on a career in broadcast journalism.
  • Classes in broadcast journalism at a college or technical school can help.
  • He had already taken a step along those lines for Rhonda, who is thinking about a career in broadcast journalism.
  • It was there where Gardner got his first taste of broadcast journalism.
  • The two men would become the forefathers of broadcast journalism.
  • Jason plans to study broadcast journalism and business at Syracuse.
3. print journalism = dziennikarstwo prasowe print journalism
4. sports journalism = sporty dziennikarstwo sports journalism
journalism + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 32
journalism career • journalism school • journalism award • journalism student • journalism professor • ...
czasownik + journalism
Kolokacji: 22
study journalism • receive in journalism • teach journalism • begin in journalism • earn in journalism • ...
przymiotnik + journalism
Kolokacji: 49
investigative journalism • American journalism • political journalism • tabloid journalism • yellow journalism • ...
przyimek + journalism
Kolokacji: 12
in journalism • of journalism • to journalism • for journalism • on journalism • ...

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