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job rzeczownik

rzeczownik + job
Kolokacji: 134
Steve Job • teaching job • construction job • paint job • coaching job • manufacturing job • factory job • dream job • summer job • ...
job + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 114
job creation • job market • job loss • job security • job training • job growth • job opportunity • job offer • job description • job interview • ...
job + czasownik
Kolokacji: 100
job requires • job involves • job pays • job working • job includes • job comes • job goes • job takes • job makes • job gets • job says • ...
czasownik + job
Kolokacji: 198
create jobs • generate jobs • seek jobs • change jobs • provide jobs • fill jobs • protect jobs • hold jobs • bring jobs • mean jobs • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 80
6. fill jobs = napełniać się prace fill jobs
19. give up one's job = machać ręką czyjś praca give up one's job
24. like one's job = tak jak czyjś praca like one's job
25. begin one's job = zaczynać czyjś praca begin one's job
26. love one's job = miłość czyjś praca love one's job
27. know one's job = wiedzieć czyjś praca know one's job
28. see one's job = widzieć czyjś praca see one's job
29. go to one's job = idź do czyjś praca go to one's job
32. talk about one's job = rozmawiać czyjś praca talk about one's job
33. resign from one's job = rezygnować czyjś praca resign from one's job
35. preserve jobs = zachowaj prace preserve jobs
36. enjoy one's job = lubić czyjś praca enjoy one's job
37. focus on one's job = nacisk na czyjś praca focus on one's job
38. retire from one's job = opuszczać czyjś praca retire from one's job
39. take from one's job = brać czyjś praca take from one's job
42. get to one's job = dochodzić czyjś praca get to one's job
44. compete for jobs = ubiegaj się o prace compete for jobs
  • And he is running to get his old job back.
  • To get my first job, I called the place 10 times at least, and they did not call back.
  • I, for one, cannot understand how he got his job back at all.
  • And the way you get your job is so different.
  • To get another good job, they will probably have to go back to school.
  • The workers say they've little chance of getting another job.
  • I know I'll get another job really soon and be able to pay everything back.
  • We'll stay with my parents until we find our own place and you get another job, she said.
  • But then, someone still had to go out and place them where they would get the job done.
  • We have to go out and get the job done.
48. secure a job = zapewnić sobie pracę secure a job
51. work at jobs = praca przy pracach work at jobs
53. shed several jobs = pozbądź się kilku prac shed several jobs
54. describe one's job = opisywać czyjś praca describe one's job
56. obtain a job = uzyskaj pracę obtain a job
57. put one's job = kłaść czyjś praca put one's job
58. need a job = potrzebuj pracy need a job
59. stay in one's job = nie wychodzić czyjś praca stay in one's job
61. work in jobs = praca w pracach work in jobs
65. pay jobs = prace płacowe pay jobs
66. switch jobs = zmiana prace switch jobs
67. hate one's job = nie cierpieć czyjś praca hate one's job
68. include jobs = obejmuj prace include jobs
70. affect one's job = wpływać czyjś praca affect one's job
73. demand jobs = żądanie prace demand jobs
74. carry out one's job = wykonać czyjś praca carry out one's job
75. remain in one's job = pozostawać w czyjś praca remain in one's job
76. destroy jobs = zniszcz prace destroy jobs
77. lay off from one's job = leżał daleko z czyjś praca lay off from one's job
78. resign one's job = rezygnować czyjś praca resign one's job
79. remove from one's job = usuwać czyjś praca remove from one's job
80. deny jobs = odmów prac deny jobs
przymiotnik + job
Kolokacji: 387
good job • better job • great job • full-time job • odd job • part-time job • top job • excellent job • tough job • menial job • ...
przyimek + job
Kolokacji: 32
between jobs • of jobs • to one's job • from one's job • about one's job • ...

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