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"insurance" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

insurance rzeczownik

rzeczownik + insurance
Kolokacji: 57
health insurance • life insurance • unemployment insurance • liability insurance • auto insurance • car insurance • travel insurance • ...
insurance + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 151
insurance company • insurance policy • insurance industry • insurance coverage • insurance premium • insurance agent • ...
insurance + czasownik
Kolokacji: 9
insurance covers • insurance pays • insurance goes • shipping insurance rockets • insurance costs • ...
czasownik + insurance
Kolokacji: 31
buy insurance • sell insurance • offer insurance • get insurance • include insurance • purchase insurance • provide health insurance • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 16
2. sell insurance = sprzedaj ubezpieczenie sell insurance
4. get insurance = mieć ubezpieczenie get insurance
5. include insurance = obejmuj ubezpieczenie include insurance
6. purchase insurance = zakup ubezpieczenie purchase insurance
8. obtain insurance = uzyskaj ubezpieczenie obtain insurance
  • The test may also be used in examinations to obtain insurance.
  • But, he continued, individual reality shows not covered by a large company's policy can find it hard to obtain insurance at all.
  • In addition the elderly, if they can obtain insurance at all, pay very high premiums.
  • I also know how difficult it is to obtain insurance as an individual.
  • Always a healthy man, he had neglected to obtain medical insurance.
  • It's possible to drive through any of the borders in your own vehicle if you obtain insurance to cover both countries.
  • It requires all individuals to obtain insurance by year end.
  • What is the extent of ongoing support and advice after you have obtained insurance?
  • Many workers today are unable to change jobs because they cannot obtain medical insurance from a new employer.
  • While the organizers of the march were able to obtain insurance for similar events in previous years, this year was different.
9. pay insurance = ubezpieczenie płacowe pay insurance
10. lose one's health insurance = przegrywać czyjś ubezpieczenie zdrowotne lose one's health insurance
11. carry insurance = mieć ubezpieczenie carry insurance
12. pay for insurance = płaca za ubezpieczenie pay for insurance
13. take out insurance = ubezpieczać się take out insurance
15. need insurance = potrzeba ubezpieczenie need insurance
16. lack health insurance = brak ubezpieczenie zdrowotne lack health insurance
przymiotnik + insurance
Kolokacji: 43
medical insurance • private insurance • national health insurance • social insurance • universal health insurance • ...
przyimek + insurance
Kolokacji: 15
without insurance • for insurance • of insurance • including insurance • with insurance • ...

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