"inhabitant" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

inhabitant rzeczownik

rzeczownik + inhabitant
Kolokacji: 5
inhabitant of the district • inhabitant of the village • inhabitant of the city • inhabitant of the area • inhabitant of the town
inhabitant + czasownik
Kolokacji: 60
inhabitant lives • inhabitant speaks • inhabitant flees • inhabitant uses • inhabitant calls • ...
czasownik + inhabitant
Kolokacji: 15
situate with several inhabitants • Inhabitant is known • Inhabitant is called • count several inhabitants • contain several inhabitants • ...
przymiotnik + inhabitant
Kolokacji: 61
original inhabitant • local inhabitant • early inhabitant • native inhabitant • indigenous inhabitant • human inhabitant • urban inhabitant • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 13
1. original inhabitant = oryginalny mieszkaniec original inhabitant
3. early inhabitant = wczesny mieszkaniec early inhabitant
  • And the company is in discussions with the native inhabitants, he said, about the project's potential impact on them.
  • Not a great deal is known about the native inhabitants of the region prior to European contact.
  • Under the act the native inhabitants were assumed to have become British subjects.
  • The native inhabitants of the sea helped them get away.
  • The bass quickly took to its new home and began eating the native inhabitants of the lake.
  • As a result, the rise of California brought great hardship for the native inhabitants.
  • The latter had paid little attention if any to this small drama of death among the native inhabitants.
  • The river was called the Massaco by the native inhabitants.
  • It is also called Sabbot by its native local inhabitants.
  • This character is significant for providing information about the native inhabitants and setting the tone of the play.
6. human inhabitant = ludzki mieszkaniec human inhabitant
7. urban inhabitant = miejski mieszkaniec urban inhabitant
8. permanent inhabitant = stały mieszkaniec permanent inhabitant
9. old inhabitant = stary mieszkaniec old inhabitant
10. Jewish inhabitant = Żydowski mieszkaniec Jewish inhabitant
11. only inhabitant = jedyny mieszkaniec only inhabitant
12. ancient inhabitant = wiekowy mieszkaniec ancient inhabitant
13. new inhabitant = nowy mieszkaniec new inhabitant
przyimek + inhabitant
Kolokacji: 14
of several inhabitants • with several inhabitants • about several inhabitants • per several inhabitants • among the inhabitants • ...

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