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indigenous przymiotnik

indigenous + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 137
indigenous people • indigenous population • indigenous language • indigenous community • indigenous group • indigenous culture • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 19
8. indigenous tribe = autochtoniczne plemię indigenous tribe
10. indigenous species = gatunek miejscowy indigenous species
12. indigenous plant = autochtoniczna roślina indigenous plant
15. indigenous woman = autochtoniczna kobieta indigenous woman
  • Despite growth, indigenous women continue to lack influence in the political system.
  • For some young indigenous women it is just a matter of style and fashion.
  • Indigenous and black women may appear at the top if they mix with European, but similar men never do.
  • She had a preference for painting the female form, especially indigenous women and children in her earlier work.
  • Indigenous women themselves had something to gain from such unions.
  • Indigenous women, men and children became a significant source of labour.
  • Many of the indigenous women's home village can be identified by their clothing.
  • Indigenous women the world over are particularly targeted for prostitution.
  • "It's something new and different for indigenous women to be writers, to do theater," she said.
  • The first of the new commanders was suspended, because he married an indigenous woman.
17. indigenous music = autochtoniczna muzyka indigenous music
19. indigenous leader = autochtoniczny przywódca indigenous leader
przysłówek + indigenous
Kolokacji: 4
predominantly indigenous • truly indigenous • purely indigenous • largely indigenous

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