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house rzeczownik

rzeczownik + house
Kolokacji: 502
White House • opera house • manor house • publishing house • auction house • guest house • brick house • row house • carriage house • ...
house + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 262
house arrest • House Republican • House subcommittee • House Speaker • house painter • House Democrat • House Committee • ...
house + czasownik
Kolokacji: 225
house burns • House votes • house belongs • House approves • House passes • House rejects • house stands • house sits • house seems • ...
czasownik + house
Kolokacji: 336
house called • keep house • go to one's house • come to one's house • visit one's house • arrive at one's house • take to one's house • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
7. take to one's house = zabierać czyjś dom take to one's house
8. get one's house = dostawać czyjś dom get one's house
11. break into one's house = włamywać się czyjś dom break into one's house
12. stay at one's house = zatrzymywać się czyjś dom stay at one's house
14. move house = przeprowadzać się move house
15. drive to one's house = jazda aby czyjś dom drive to one's house
16. lose one's house = przegrywać czyjś dom lose one's house
17. live at one's house = na żywo przy czyjś dom live at one's house
19. hold at one's house = trzymać przy czyjś dom hold at one's house
20. burn down one's house = spalać się doszczętnie czyjś dom burn down one's house
21. house is founded = dom jest ufundowany house is founded
22. hide in one's house = ukrywać się w czyjś dom hide in one's house
23. die at one's house = umierać przy czyjś dom die at one's house
24. die in one's house = ginąć czyjś dom die in one's house
29. mean house = chciej dom mean house
30. deliver to one's house = dostarczać aby czyjś dom deliver to one's house
37. perform at the White House = wykonaj przy Białym Domu perform at the White House
39. grow up in a house = urośnij w domu grow up in a house
41. use as a house = wykorzystanie jako dom use as a house
42. House elected = Izba wybrała House elected
43. see at one's house = widzieć przy czyjś dom see at one's house
44. find at one's house = znajdować czyjś dom find at one's house
45. work at the White House = praca przy Białym Domu work at the White House
46. stop at one's house = zatrzymywać się czyjś dom stop at one's house
48. call at one's house = dzwonić czyjś dom call at one's house
50. meet in one's house = spotykać w czyjś dom meet in one's house
51. play house = bawić się w dom (zabawa dzieci, zwykle dziewczynek) play house
62. appear at one's house = pojawiać się przy czyjś dom appear at one's house
63. build as a house = zbuduj jako dom build as a house
76. House is expected = Izba jest spodziewać się House is expected
  • We're here with the Chicago police and we have the house surrounded.
  • The police surrounded the house for more than an hour.
  • The house is now being surrounded by the living dead.
  • They could be over it and have the house surrounded in a matter of minutes.
  • The police finally make their move and surround the house.
  • No point in asking why the army had surrounded the house.
  • "There is no reason to surround his house at 6 in the morning."
  • The house was surrounded immediately by more than 1000 police force.
  • "I have lived here since 1946 and sometimes the house is surrounded by water," he said.
  • "The house has been surrounded all day," said King as they pulled the man back up.
81. share a house = mieszkaj pod jednym dachem share a house
83. house is converted = dom jest zaadaptowany house is converted
84. provide houses = dostarcz domy provide houses
85. leave at one's house = wychodzić przy czyjś dom leave at one's house
89. house is listed = dom jest wymieniony house is listed
91. control the House = miej pakiet kontrolny izby control the House
92. show up at one's house = pokazywać się przy czyjś dom show up at one's house
99. house is named = dom jest nazwany house is named
100. house is put up = dom mieszka kątem house is put up
przymiotnik + house
Kolokacji: 443
two-story house • Victorian house • safe house • empty house • Georgian house • three-bedroom house • terraced house • ...
przyimek + house
Kolokacji: 44
to one's house • at one's house • in front of one's house • near one's house • including houses • ...

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