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"hold" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

hold rzeczownik

rzeczownik + hold
Kolokacji: 20
cargo hold • hold of one's arm • hold of one's hand • house hold • hold of one's wrist • ...
hold + czasownik
Kolokacji: 6
hold tightens • hold loosens • hold weakens • hold eases • hold slips • ...
czasownik + hold
Kolokacji: 27
take hold • get hold • grab hold • catch hold • keep hold • break one's hold • lose one's hold • release one's hold • lay hold • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 16
1. take hold = zakorzeniać się (zacząć być akceptowanym, utrwalać się) take hold
2. get hold = dostać uścisk get hold
3. grab hold = uścisk chwytaka grab hold
4. catch hold = uścisk haczyka catch hold
7. lose one's hold = tracić grunt pod nogami, tracić kontrolę nad czymś lose one's hold
8. release one's hold = zwolnienie czyjś uścisk release one's hold
  • At least he had released his hold on her arm once they were inside.
  • Without releasing his hold on Chance, he looked around him.
  • He released his hold on her, at least the physical one.
  • He released his hold and turned back to the ship.
  • I released my hold to keep from being pulled down on top of her.
  • Instead, he released his hold from the boy and got up.
  • I released my hold on him so suddenly that he fell back against the bed.
  • As if that way she might release her hold on him.
  • He released his hold on my shoulders and stood up.
  • "Release my hold upon one who is meant to be so important?"
9. lay hold = laicka kontrola lay hold
10. tighten one's hold = dociskać czyjś uścisk tighten one's hold
11. consolidate one's hold = utrwalać czyjś uścisk consolidate one's hold
12. maintain one's hold = utrzymywać czyjś uścisk maintain one's hold
13. put on hold = każ czekać put on hold
14. seize hold = chwyć seize hold
15. retain one's hold = zatrzymywać czyjś uścisk retain one's hold
16. strengthen one's hold = wzmacniać czyjś uścisk strengthen one's hold
przymiotnik + hold
Kolokacji: 29
firm hold • strong hold • tight hold • tenuous hold • good hold • ...
przyimek + hold
Kolokacji: 9
on hold • from one's hold • into the hold • in the hold • to the hold • ...

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