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hockey rzeczownik

rzeczownik + hockey
Kolokacji: 25
ice hockey • field hockey • college hockey • roller hockey • USA Hockey • ...
hockey + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 124
Hockey League • hockey team • hockey player • hockey game • Hockey Hall • hockey club • hockey fan • ice hockey center • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 43
  • The league's last season as a senior hockey league was 1978-79.
  • The reason is that my 11-year-old son, also an Alex, was playing in a hockey league.
  • He was also named the most valuable player in the Soviet hockey league three times.
  • He is having a hard time finding a hockey league for Ian, his 5-year-old son.
  • The majority of his career was spent in the minor professional hockey leagues.
  • They are not affiliated in any way with professional hockey leagues.
  • Various other hockey leagues, teams and on ice sports take part there as well.
  • He later played in many minor hockey leagues through Canada.
  • What can be a deterrent is the limited public hours: many local hockey leagues play here.
  • "We keep telling each other, 'We're playing in the world's greatest hockey league right now.' "
5. Hockey Hall = Hokej Sala Hockey Hall
7. hockey fan = fan hokeja hockey fan
8. ice hockey center = centrum hokeja ice hockey center
9. Hockey blogger = Bloger hokeja Hockey blogger
11. hockey career = hokej kariera hockey career
13. Ontario Hockey League = Ontario Hokej Liga Ontario Hockey League
14. hockey stick = kij do hokeja, kij hokejowy hockey stick
15. hockey rink = lodowisko hokeja hockey rink
16. National Hockey League = Amerykańska Liga Hokeja na Lodzie National Hockey League
17. Hockey Night = Hokej Noc Hockey Night
19. International Hockey League = Międzynarodowy Hokej Liga International Hockey League
20. ice hockey team = hokej zespół ice hockey team
21. field hockey player = gracz hokeja na trawie field hockey player
23. field hockey team = hokej na trawie zespół field hockey team
24. World Hockey Association = Hokej światowy Związek World Hockey Association
25. Puck Daddy Hockey Rumor = Krążek Tatuś Hokej Pogłoska Puck Daddy Hockey Rumor
29. ice hockey right winger = skrzydłowy hokeja prawa ice hockey right winger
30. Central Hockey League = Główny Hokej Liga Central Hockey League
31. hockey season = pora roku hokeja hockey season
32. hockey arena = arena hokeja hockey arena
33. hockey coach = hokej trener hockey coach
36. hockey puck = krążek (do hokeja) hockey puck
37. hockey program = program hokeja hockey program
38. Hockey East = Hokej Wschód Hockey East
40. Hockey Canada = Hokej Kanada Hockey Canada
43. ice hockey program = program hokeja ice hockey program
czasownik + hockey
Kolokacji: 11
play hockey • retire from hockey • include hockey • play in one National Hockey • use for ice hockey • ...
przymiotnik + hockey
Kolokacji: 28
junior hockey • American Hockey • minor hockey • retired ice hockey • professional ice hockey • Canadian ice hockey • ...
przyimek + hockey
Kolokacji: 12
in hockey • of hockey • for hockey • to hockey • from hockey • ...

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